Intuition for Everyday Living- Psychometry

Psycometrypsy·chom·e·try/sīˈkämətrē/  The supposed ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them.

So, what does it all mean in Everyday Living?

Well, many of us have the ability to pick up information and/ or feelings when we touch an object.  In short, we can feel the vibration of an item and the energies that were imprinted on it.

If you are not yet aware of it consciously, it’s possible to go about your day feeling your emotions are up and down, as we touch so many objects throughout the day.  Or often, we have images or words/ phrases that pops into our heads that have little or nothing to do with the task on hand.  If you’re conscious of your psychic abilities, you may also be wondering if you’re channeling messages from other dimensions or have the ability to pick up information using psychometry.

The fact is we all have Intuitive abilities- Every one of us!  However, just like anything else, we have specialties and an unique combination of skills unless others. That’s the beauty of Life!   The key to Creating Heaven on Earth is to be aware of how we feel during our day and know what our Gifts are- Be aware of what’s happenin’, so-to-speak.  When we are present and aware, we feel “grounded”. Believe it or not, many physical and emotional discomfort disappear when we feel more aligned.  And you can take in more Light and sense even more!

Here’s a fun activity to do if Psychometry peaks your interest!  Stop by a thrift store.  Walk down the aisle and FEEL what you’re attracted to.  When you feel you’ve found that piece, stop and touch it (only if you feel safe to do so).  I find home decor and kitchen ware section to be extra fun; especially when you find silver items.  When you’re done experiencing each item, set the Intention to Detach yourself from it’s energy before you touch another.  And definitely set the Intention again from the whole store and all its items when you leave the store.  Good or bad, leave it all there! If you end up buying something, make sure you clear it and your car with sage or something when you get home.

This skill can certainly be developed just like all other abilities.  Being aware of this can help you at the upcoming Holiday Gatherings and know exactly how everyone is doing!

Tuesday nights 7-9pm, I hold an ongoing Intuition Circle at the Learning Light Foundation.  On 11/08/2011, we are focusing our energy in Mediumship and Psychometry.  No experience necessary!  Sit in and feel the powerful vibration.  Explore your Gifts.  Feel free to bring a picture and/ or item to the group.  Mini-Reads are guaranteed for Everyone!  See you there!

Have many beautiful Moments today…


Learning Light Foundation is located at 1212 E. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805  714-533-2311

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