Messages from Beyond…

2011 has proven to be a fabulous year for many, full of opportunities to Choose what you want to Create in Life on Earth…and how you’d like to Manifest what you truly desire. 2012 continues that trend for some and many are coming forward to give a helping hand to those who are beginning to Awaken.  Thus, creating Oneness and Unity for All creating Ripple Effects of Love and Freedom.

For those who are awakening and choosing to raise with consciousness, it may feel a little rocky at times.  Many old wounds are surfacing to be healed emotionally and physically- from this life and past lives.  Some have experienced 3rd Dimensional Material World collapsing right in front of their eyes.  Things may be shifting so fast for you that it feels like everyday there’s are shockingly new discoveries about yourself and others.  New ideas that seemed excellent yesterday no longer work for you today.  Or the veil has lifted and you’re able to connect with the Spirit World but your physical body feels like you’re floating in air, you don’t remember events and situations, and perhaps unexpected spirit guests are visiting in your physical space playing tricks like turning lights on and off.

We are here to say that all these experiences are perfect, as you move forward.  However, you do have the power to Choose when, how, and where all this happens as you walk on Earth.  It is okay to be a little scared. The human fear comes from the Energy Shift you are feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  You are Reconnecting with what you already know- Unconditional Love and Acceptance. Sometimes that can bring up sadness as you miss Home. You are letting go of old Earthly beliefs that your house, car, career represents who you are as a person.  That can create internal conflicts of having to bring closure to something that has served you for many many years.  You’re adjusting to the new Consciousness beliefs that You are good enough- no need for added “bonus packages” like that brand new BMW or 7000 sq ft Mansion to make you look better to others and feel good about yourself- as they are all false sense of self-worth.

As you get acquainted with the real you- the Love and Light you are, the waves of Energy Shift can be a little alarming. It is very important at this time to meditate, have quiet Moments to reflect, and perform grounding activities like walking on grass, gardening, or dancing.  Be present and conscious in every step you take, every move you make.  This will help with instant grounding.  Only then, can you experience Heaven on Earth.

Taking a stand for something different is always a little uncomfortable.  Your Soul has Chosen to move forward- continuing the journey of spiritual evolution.  It’s up to you to Choose to transform Consciously while experiencing all the comforts on Earth while ascending, or deny what’s True to you. Whichever way you Choose right now, it’s absolutely perfect in our eyes.  Know that when you Choose your actions on your path, you will feel inner peace, love, and abundance. Understand that us in the Spirit World are always ready and willing to assist.  All you have to do is ask.  Know that you can also ask us to slow down the process for your highest and best good, in accordance to your human body capacity and limitations- as we forget that there are limitations on Earth sometimes.  You can Create Instant Manifestation whenever you’re ready to Receive.  To us, time is a human concept.

Know you’re loved and protected, always…


…I am the Master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. ~ William Ernest Henley


“Messages from Beyond” series is channeled by Jennifer Cloake. Messages are generally from different Spirit Guides, Angels, and Evolved Souls here and beyond- whomever are stepping forward at the Moment.  She opens up the Channel for thousands of Messengers.  Messages can be directly for you and some are for us all.  During this process, she only invites Messages in alignment with Love and Light– helping us move forward in our physical existence with unconditional love, peace, and abundance.  As we close our Channel at the time, we thank the Spirit World for supporting us with Infinite Possibilities on Earth…creating Unity and Oneness for All.

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