I am the master of my fate…

I am the master of my fate;  I am the captain of my soul.  ~ William Ernest Henley

So often, we forget that we have free-will here on Earth.  After all, we have been trained to follow instructions ever since we were little. This is especially true when we first reconnect with our Angels and Spirit Guides.  We rely on them to tell us what to do, how things should be done, and when and where to be.  In many ways, it feels comforting that we are well cared for no matter what.  For me, I felt instant relief knowing I no longer have to make decisions EVER again. Wow! The divine plan is the ultimate!  Who am I to argue?  On the flip side, I felt deep unexplained fear.  What?  Let go of control?  No plan of action?  And what?  I don’t get to know what happens to me next?  Aaaaahhhhhh!

As I expand Consciously, I realized that my Guides are here to support me no matter what.  All I have to do is ask.  Whatever my decisions are here on Earth (one Moment at a time), they are behind me 100%.  Often, I listen to what they tell me.  I acknowledge the information by giving my Thanks.  Then I may proceed with an alternative action base on what feels right for Me- no one else.  The fact of matter is, there are no human limitations in other dimensions.  I, as a human in this lifetime, need to make loving responsible Earthly decisions based on the information given.

Many Souls end up more lost than ever when they open the Spirit Gateway.  They listen to the Divine Messages religiously and never follow their own Intuition; ending up in disastrous situations because the information Received is not quite how things work on Earth with human limitations.  Some folks end up living in fear.  They battle with Trusting the Unknown, always seeking validation in the material world. Quite often ending up in constant state of fear- attracting more fear, lack, and unhappiness.

It is awesome to be connected with the guidance.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the World.  and it’s even more exciting to be able to use the information given to Create a peaceful existence on Earth.  Next time you feel conflicted, stop what you’re doing and take a deep long breath.  Know you’re Love; you’re Light. Get centered.  Ask for Messages that will support your highest and best good.  Then ask yourself if it feels right?  If not, ask yourself how you can modify the solution given so You can Create what you want right here, right now on Earth with peace, joy, and abundance.

As always…
Live in the Light.  Choose Love.  and Speak Your Truth…
I look forward to connecting with you soon, Soul to Soul.

Tuesday night Circle, 02/21/2012, 7-9pm at the Learning Light Foundation:
We will be calling in your Spiritual Medical Team.  Time to explore Energy Healing- Heal yourself and others.  ^_^

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