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Happy Monday!  It’s Spring.  The flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the trees are shooting for the sky.  No better time than right now to Receive Abundance and set the Intention to expand with the support of Mother Nature.

As my dedication to this wonderful season, I will be meditating for Universal Peace and Harmony tonight (Monday, 03/19/2012, from 6-7:30 pm PST).  If you feel inspired, please join me in this meditation.  I will be at the Learning Light Foundation. However, you do not need to be present with me physically.  By setting the Intention right now, your energy will be included in this meditation.  After all, we are One in this fabulous Universe.  ^_^

Tonight, I will also be sending healing energy to those who’d like to Receive it.  If you’d like to feel the energy shift, you may want to find a quiet place to relax and receive this energy tonight between 6 an 7:30 pm.  Or simply set the Intention right now that you’d like to Receive the healing while I meditate tonight and go about your day.  You do not need to do a thing but to be willing to Receive.  Your Soul will know what to do with this loving energy while your physical body performs Earthly duties.  It’d be really powerful if you also set the Intention of focus.  For example, knee problem, headaches, finances, relationships.  The more precise you are, the powerful this will be.

As stagnant energy leave your body and energy pathways open up, you may feel tingling sensations, energy vibration, or minor aches and pains.  This is all normal and good.  You may feel a body temperature difference as well.  Keep your body comfortable.  You may choose to take a detoxing bath afterwards (1 cup of Epsom Salt and 1 cup of Baking Soda in your bath) for no more than 20 minutes.  Rest for a couple of hours and allow your body to adjust cellularly.  Please do not hesitate to email me directly if you have questions this week.

Enjoy this process.  Feel the Unconditional Universal Love…

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