Who’s got treats?

Many of you know I’m a big time animal lover- especially dogs.  I volunteered and ran a 501(c)(3) dog rescue for many years and crossed paths with thousands of dogs.  During this time, my human ego or intellect (whatever you want to call it) had myself convinced that I was out doing the world a favor rescuing homeless dogs.  Instead, what I experienced was just the opposite.  They rescued me!  I learned so much about life by watching them interact with one another and how they hold the space for us humans as Angels on Earth.  Most of all, I learned Universal Laws from them.  This morning, the Law of Gratitude was gently reminded as I was passing out treats.

Have you noticed dogs never judge how big or small the treats are?  They don’t really wait to see if there are bigger or better treats before they will accept the smaller ones.  They take what’s presented to them and receive every bit of it with sincere gratitude. Never once have I encountered a dog that says “hummm…nope…this one is too small.  This one is not good enough.  I’d rather have a bigger treat.”  Their focus and intent is zeroed in on one thing- that treat in my hand.  Nothing else around them matters.  They happily accept the “Gift” and are excited to see what comes next.  However, they are not disappointed if there are no more treats either.  They simply walk away and go about their day napping in the sun or grooming each other.  They trust that the Universe (You) will give them more treats when the time is right.  They have so much faith in you because they have already indicated to you how much they love their treats! and You, the Universe, will always provide them treats with unconditional love, light, and acceptance because you adore them.

When we want to manifest our deepest and truest desires, all we have to do is zero in with focus and intent.  Ask for exactly what we want for our highest and best good.  Most of the time, this is the hardest step- figuring out exactly what we really want and commit to it. Ask:  What feel right?  What’s in alignment with my heart right now?  What will serve my highest and best? Then, allow the Universe to sort out How it will be delivered to you.  Detach from the outcome and go about your day.  Remember to keep your arms open Trusting that we will ALWAYS Receive the Gift at the perfect Moment, if it’s in alignment and for our highest and best good.  ^_^

Have mucho fun manifesting!

Here’s a funny doggy video. Enjoy!  Ultimate Dog Tease https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGeKSiCQkPw

This e-mail was inspired by my furry companion Shammie (the Golden Retriever Mix), who transitioned this morning at 1:03 a.m.
Shammie, thank you for being a loyal grounding force in my life.  Thank you for Shining your bright Light with me and all the doggies.  And thank you for your service as an Earth Angel for 14 beautiful years!

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