Effortless Living is a Lifestyle…

Ever wonder why life seems so easy and Effortless for some?  Things seem to flow their way no matter what?

Here’s a living example:

When it comes to furniture, I love thrift store finds!  It’s exciting to connect with the energy of the antique pieces.  It’s always neat when I receive psychic messages on their history and background.  And I simply love the feeling that *I* attract exactly what I want into my life at the perfect Moment.

As I was rearranging my home décor recently, I had this deep desire to visit a particular store.  I’ve learned not to ever doubt these strong feelings so off I go to the thrift store!  And frankly, my human side was on a mission to get things organized and I wanted a new dresser!

On my way there, my car temperature gauge started acting up- it was up and down with no particular reason.  A message came to me that I was not supposed to go there that day.  I turned around and came home.  Of course, the gauge became normal immediately.  The human in me was *wanting* and *obsessing* in finding a dresser, I decided to test the Spirits by turning my car around heading towards the store again.  The gauge shot up to the max within 10 seconds.  “Okay, okay. Geez! I get it.  No more doubting!  Just Trust.”  I said to myself.  Disappointed, I went home and chose to let go of my “obsession of the day”. Took a bit of convincing myself; knowing full well when I keep myself in the state of *wanting*, I’m blocking the Abundance Flow.  Poof!  Obsession be gone!

3 days ago, I received a strong message that I needed to go back to that store.  Instead of my usually excitement, I felt amazingly calm and detached from the outcome. Unsure why I was going to the store, I hopped into my car in heavy rain.  When I arrived, I immediately walked toward the furniture section.  WOW!  The dresser is exactly what I wanted- Although not what I pictured- it’s Better!  But wait, the drawers won’t open.  What’s up?  I lifted the top, it was a cedar trunk masked as a dresser.  What a surprisingly beautiful piece of Creation!!! Someone created this with their 2 hands! Then the store clerk told me all furniture was 20% off that day.  Thank You, U-N-I-V-E-R-S-E!  Curiously, I asked the clerk when the trunk came into the store.  She smiled and said “It just came to us this week.”

I get it now!  This was the store I was supposed to visit but timing wasn’t quite right when my car gauge went wild.  My intellect was so locked on *immediate gratification*, I was dead set on finding something that day.  I heard what I wanted to hear, the location; but Chose not to patiently receive the rest of the message.  The Spirits had to step in and help redirect my energy. When I went home, I immediately searched online.  I purchased this particular piece for about $65 and it’s worth $1000, no joke!  I said to myself, “Wow!  I sure find good things!” Quickly, I re-framed what I said to “Wow! I sure Attract good things!!!”


The key to Effortless Attraction is to reconnect and reprogram the mind, body, and spirit to this deep Knowing that you ALWAYS Attract Abundance no matter what! It’s a way of life, not just an one-time act.  It’s a belief system. It’s a lifestyle to Trust.

If I left my phrase at “I find…”, I will always be in the state of action –human act of Finding. I’d be conditioning myself to constantly be in the action of searching in order for me to Receive good things.  However, when I shifted to “I attract…”, this belief gets programmed into my mind, body, & spirit that no matter when, how, or why, I’m ALWAYS in the state of Attraction.  Good things will constantly flow to me without me Doing a thing; just Be.  On top of that, I have conditioned myself by accident that when I think of Thrift store shopping I receive a dose of positive vibration.  Excitement and joy immediately kick in.  This takes my Attraction Meter to the max, naturally.

Give it a shot!  Try starting every statement by saying “I attract…”.  You will feel an immediate shift in your vibration…Guaranteed!


Many are experiencing major life changes and sensing energy shifts physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we transition into New Consciousness. Some have asked me to help them through their  Energy Shift with group coaching.  I have committed to making the tools I use in private coaching available to our Tuesday night Circle participants. In May 2012, I will show you how to Transition with New Consciousness creating an Effortless Lifestyle and connect with your deepest desires. Best of all, techniques will be shared and practiced to recondition ourselves allowing the positive vibe to become a part of you- permanently!  Then we will be going over step-by-step techniques on how you can Manifest your true desires; Choosing to believe and invest in yourself despite fear, remove obstacles and supercharge the Creation process in June 2012.

The Circle format will be a little different.  In-Class and weekly assignments will be a part of the Program.  It will be progressive each week for those who are ready to commit to their Transformation, starting Tuesday, May 01, 2012.  Anyone can still join in anytime, as each class offers different techniques you can use immediately in your life. Tuesdays leading up to May will be dedicated to getting a head-start in this InstantTransformation™ Process.

For details of the May & June Spirit Circle, please visit:  https://centerofoneness.org/programs-events/gatherings/

Namaste.  See you soon!  ^_^

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