Me? A Speaker? Noooooo Way…

As I was updating my websites, I was reminded that at one time speaking in front of a group of people would literally make me pee my pants.  I “forced” myself to go through speaker training with the most sought-out experts in the field.  and Nothing!  I still wanted to pee where I’m not supposed to. Beyond that, I was frozen the whole time I was in training.  After training, forget it!  I rather keep my pants dry.

Now, I happily facilitate workshops and meetup circles.  I’m actually excited to share with others.  Granted, some groups are smaller with a few people.  But those can be the scariest; especially with a group of highly Intuitive people who can see right through me.   So, why am I all of sudden okay with public speaking?  Because I now feel more in alignment than ever.

When I was a die-hard entrepreneur, my life was about networking, chasing after projects, and negotiating deals.  I was conditioned to take what I thought was the only path if I wanted to succeed.  Worse, I wasn’t consciously choosing to do this.  It was never a question in my mind that life is only about money, achievements, and competition.  I thought everyone felt this same.  What does love and compassion have to do with anything in business?  Why would anyone not want to succeed?

Well, I froze in public speaking because I Knew deeply on a Soul level who I truly was, even when I wasn’t physically Conscious.  and what I was doing was totally misaligned with my Truth.  What I was “forcing” myself to say in public wasn’t what was in my heart and Soul.  It was a sales pitch of who I thought I was and what I wanted everyone to do for me.  As I put down the sword and let my guard down, my heart started to open up.  As my heart opened up, I allowed Universal Infinity to flow in.  One thing leads to another, I feel more in alignment now and have no problem speaking in front of people- naturally.  After all, I’m not talking at people anymore.  I’m simply sharing my Truth- Connecting heart to heart, on a Soul level.  and best of all, I no longer have to chase people down to hear me.  My messages are here and available. Those who feel in alignment with it will find me somehow.  I no longer have to Do so much.  Just allow myself to Be…

So, the next time you experience that feeling of immobility- the feeling of not being able to move forward physically, it can be a sign that your spirit body (your deepest desires and Truth) and your physical body (which governs your physical actions) are misaligned.  Take a deep breath, center yourself, and ask “What’s the misalignment about?  Which decision will make me FEEL lighter? feel more fulfilled? If there are no 3rd Dimensional limitations like car payments, kids to feed, and a house mortgage, what would I do in this decision?”

When you Choose your Truth, you will not only feel more aligned but also open up Your pathway to Receive Infinite Abundance…

Have many many beautiful Moment on this happy Monday!!!

Spirit Connection Circle- Intuition for Everyday Living

Manifest your deepest desires when you acknowledge your Intuitive Gifts.  Learn to Trust your Higher Self.  Know when you’re Receiving Messages from other Dimensions. and Embrace deeply what’s True for you!  Mini-Reads guaranteed by end of class.

7-9pm  ONGOING every Tuesday.  Join anytime!  Held at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim.

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