Derailed from my Path

I derailed from my Path.   Yep.  I sure derail from my Path this past weekend.

So, I had scheduled a workshop on connecting with our Soul Purpose.  This workshop was designed to shift one’s energetic vibration super quickly in a short few hours.  My clients absolutely love this process so I thought it’d be a sure-hit as an Intensive Workshop benefiting All!   Interesting enough, no one showed!   Not even the ones who had pre-registered and pre-paid.  When I told the front desk I was packing up early, they had a look of surprise on their faces.  One said “You always have tons of people.  What the heck?”  Yep, exactly what I said to myself.  For someone who lives the principle of “Everything happens for a reason”, I’m still human.  I have human thoughts.  We understand this philosophy intellectually, but how does one truly live it and not use this phrase as a coping mechanism?

My first reaction was:  What a waste of time!  I could be working on my websites and eMaterial (Anger and frustration, masking the hidden fear of not feeling good enough).

Going deeper into my feelings.  My second set of thoughts were “How embarrassing.  No one showed.  The material must be crappy.”  God’s telling me something.  Probably good for me to evaluate whether I should offer this class again.  What am I doing?  Why am I here? Who am I to be sharing my Journey? (WOW!  Asking questions and inventing “stories” in my head to cause internal drama.)

Then, the “convincing thoughts” started creeping in to help me ease the pain of rejection.  I thought to myself:  Well, everything does happen for a reason (coping mechanism). I don’t get it.  People connect with what I share (Ego…pumping myself up to feel brief false empowerment).  But, I do need to revisit the class material (Feeling of not good enough so I need to do more).  Perhaps my vibration is low (more self-blame).  Ya know, like attracts like!  But I feel good today (A soothing thought that it’s not my fault)…blah blah! (Yup!  There were more…lol) Negative thoughts swarmed my mind while I knew deeply there’s always a good reason.  Talk about a bowl of mixed emotions. Just add gravy and mix.

By the way, these were all fleeting thoughts I didn’t realize I had until I really sat down and looked at what the lessons were.  At this point, I wonder how many other negative thoughts I had.  We can’t shift what we don’t recognize.  The key is to be aware of our thoughts, feelings as much as possible.  When I’m ready to shift my other beliefs, I will recognize those too.

Here’s the truth in “Everything happens for a reason”:

1.  I might have truly Manifested Effortlessly.  I had pre-registered attendees.  So basically, in the 3rd Dimensional World, I got paid without having to hold the workshop.  Yes, I prepared for the class.  That took time.  But I was still home sooner. I was able to dedicate the extra time producing online material- which was what I really wanted to do that day.  The Universe works in mysterious ways.  I got what I unintentionally asked for.  Note to self.  Be aware of my thoughts & feelings.  I have been so busy with work stuff, I derailed from my Path of staying in the Present.  I was distracted with the material I wanted to produce rather than focusing on the workshop assisting Souls in need.

2. In the past, this method was taught over 4 weeks.  This is the first time it’s been condensed into a short few hours.  In days leading up to the workshop, I received messages from above that the material is overwhelming in 3 hours and I needed to reduce the content.  However, the workshop was already scheduled.  Therefore, I felt like I needed to fulfill an obligation.  I derailed from my Path by chosing the 3rd Dimensional obligation over Ultimate Good.  My Ego insisted on presenting the same material as *planned*.  I derailed from the ultimate Purpose to allow natural progression in All.  The Intention has been muddied. The Truth is I needed to be flexible in modifying the content.   The truth is I had an expectation going into this.  I expected folks wanting to embrace the drastic energy shift just like those around me, forgetting that this can be an overwhelming Journey for some.  Good juju can feel overly intense just like bad juju.

3.  I was reminded that reconnecting with our Soul Purpose is powerful stuff.  This means one can literally shift their whole Earthly existence.  Not everyone is ready for that.  A lot of fear can kick up during this process!  The Universal energy is intense right now.  Many are feeling that their world has been turned upside down. I get it!  My job is to support and hold the energetic space for others right now.  It’s not to tell them to shake it up more and power through it.  Got it!  Boss Universe.  I absolutely derailed from my Path on this one.

When we feel we have derailed from our Purpose and Path, simply acknowledge the lessons and thank your Guides for sharing the new perspectives with you.  Know that it’s time to get back on Path.  Release the negative self- talk.  Their only job is to trigger you to connect with your Inner Wisdom. They offer you a choice of whether you want to live human suffering and drama, or choose to live on your Path.  That’s all!  Nothing more and nothing less.  So, thank to negative self talk.  Your mission is accomplished here.

Interesting enough my human “thoughts” clouded the Eternal Truth of loving and sharing for a brief Moment.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or share your experiences in the comment section below.

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