Quick Chromotherapy

Quick chromotherapySo, what do I do exactly during the day when I need a moment of Zen? I color!  Chromotherapy is one of the best quick tips I can share to recharge your energy and center yourself.

If you are in my office, you will see a pile of ideas and pending paperwork on my desk.  Then, surrounding me, you will see Buddha statues, healing stones, and my plants.  Upon closer inspection, you might find yourself puzzled and scratching your head because you see a coloring book and a box of crayons.

Yuuuup!  I color.  Meditation comes in many forms.  We typically see Gurus meditating and leaving their bodies for hours at a time.  Besides my morning meditation, I personally like to take many mini-breaks during the day and recharge my energy.  This can be the 30-Second Energy Clearing™ Technique or coloring for 10 minutes.

“Centering” myself is the key to a productive yet relaxing lifestyle during a busy work day.  I do this between my consultations or when I simply need a break from producing videos or eMaterial.  Hey, some people drink.  I color.  What can I say?


Here are some tips to maximize the Quick Chromotherapy Energy Recharge: 

1.  Set Intentions before coloring.  While holding the crayon box, you can say something like “I intend to let go of all discomfort in my body, emotionally, physically, and spiritually right now.  I ask that I choose the colors that will help me heal and recharge, restoring energy for my highest and best good.  Thank you.”  Whatever your intention is.  Know it’s absolutely perfect for you at this time.

2.  You may consider letting go of needing blue to be blue, red to be red.  What I mean by that is let go of any attachment to our human illusion; for example, Sky is always blue and clouds are always white.  Try coloring the sky green and clouds red.  Allow your creativity to shine.  Your creative central is also the Spiritual connection central.  For those who’d like to tap into their Intuition, this is a great way to exercise that part of your brain.

3.  Allow the colors to inspire you.  Know that whatever color you are attracted to in the crayon box is probably the color you need right now for healing.  Trust completely this is for your highest and best good.  When I had an issue with self esteem years ago, all I wanted was to wear yellow all the time.  Same principle goes here.  Yellow happens to be the chakra color for the 3rd- Solar Plexus chakra.

4.  When I color, I practice letting all thoughts pass by.  The goal is to have no thoughts.  Impossible, you say.  Sometimes.  Often, I will color until this is achieved.  When thoughts come in, consciously let it fly by.  Before you know it, these thoughts will come in and fly by and you won’t even notice them.  You won’t even miss them.  This is what meditation is about.  Restoring and centering you to your True Essence of nothingness, where all things are possible.

5.  Stay in the Now.  When we do repetitive work like coloring, we can fly off and daydream.  Sometimes, the daydreams are great.  It takes us to a private island with fruity drinks.  Other times, all we can think about is the 10,000 things we still have to do by the end of the day.  I stay in the Moment by keeping my focus on my coloring strokes.  I connect with my fingers, my hands, the colors, and every action I take going back and forth in the coloring book.  This keeps me connected to my physical existence and still offer meditative benefits.

If you haven’t colored in a while, I encourage you to enjoy being a child again!  You want to color outside the lines?  Do it.  You want to color a puppy both orange and blue?  Do it.  Spiritual Essence is comparable to the innocence you can observe in children.  Kids think everything is possible.  Adults say nothing is possible.  When we allow our Inner Child to shine is when we are tapping into Universal Infinite Source.  Want to truly create Heaven on Earth? Allow yourself to Shine!

Let me know how you feel after coloring!

Jennifer Cloake

To ask me a question or make comments, please feel free to provide feedback in the comment section below.  Or send me a private request on my Ask Jenn page.

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