Know our value!

As Lightworkers, our nature is to give.  Giving not only satisfies our mission on Earth, it makes us feel good.  It feeds our Soul.  This past week, I had the pleasure of discussing a very important topic with professional Healers, Know our Value!  This same principle works for all who offer their services for fee exchange.

One healer mentioned that she felt she was constantly being judged by other healers.  Their opinion is that all healing should be free since it’s God’s energy.  So, when is it appropriate to charge for our services?  I suppose it’s great if one wants to devote their life living in a cave to hold energy for mankind.  We all have our place on Earth.  and thank goodness there are people willing to do that.  Although not attached to material goods, I have to be totally honest and say that I enjoy modern conveniences tremendously.  And generally speaking, they cost money on Earth.

I’d like to share a few points on charging for your services.  You can decide what feels right for you.

1.  As Lightworkers, we know that healing powers are from an Infinite Source.  Everyone has the power to receive this on their own.  However, some choose to hire professionals to channel this for them.  For that, the energy is free, courtesy of the Universe.  Even though abundance is infinite in the spiritual realm, a Healer’s time on Earth is limited and therefore worth Earthly value.

2.  We tend to devalue what comes natural for us, assuming it’s easy for everyone.  Infinite Intelligence shines through our God given talents.  There’s no difference whether we have the ability to channel healing energy, make a gourmet meal, or create one-of-a-kind artwork.  If I see that my talent is not worthy of receiving compensation, then I also have to assume my housekeeper should not get paid because she’s not only great at what she does, but loves it.  Can I clean my own house?  Sure but the fact is I hate it.  I’m not good at it.  and I’d rather be doing just about anything else but clean.  Yet, I want a clean house.  Therefore,  I’ve come to the conclusion to hire someone to fulfill what I’m not good at.  Whether or not we are getting compensated for what we love to do is irrelevant.  There’s value in asking someone to relieve my discomfort.  Same goes for your services.

3.  Clients sometimes do not have the confidence to do this themselves and need extra support.  When our energy field is disturbed, we often don’t have the ability to translate messages clearly.  We are here to educate and promote self healing.  But we offer services to assist someone when they need outside support.  The fact is everyone can do this themselves.  Is the healing energy free? Yes.  But the ability to break down an idea/ concept into simple how-to steps is worthy of compensation.  The Universal messages are infinite and always at our finger tips.  Being able to interpret instructions from our Spirit Guides takes our human intelligence, time, and energy.  We must know our value!  For that, it’s worthy of compensation.

4.  Money is a manifestation of energy and commitment.  I have to admit I didn’t charge for healing session for years.  Truth be told, I didn’t have the confidence.  I hid behind the idea that I didn’t need the money and God’s energy should be free.  It’s a service to mankind.  I have found that when I offer free sessions, clients actually don’t receive healing as intensely as when I do charge.  Weird eh?  But our societal programming dictates that free = worthless.  Who wants to receiving something that’s worthless? How many times have you passed out a free meditation CD just to find it in the trash 10 minutes later?  You’re giving something out of love, but the receiving party can only benefit from this gesture if they are willing to receive it.  Same principle goes here.  My clients know I’m here, ready to help them.  However, I never ever push anyone into healing sessions.  Why?  One must be ready and take action by Choosing.  If they are willing to make an non-refundable pre-payment, it demonstrates to the Universe how much they are willing to receive the healing.  The moment you book and charge for the session, their healing process has started.   We all know as healers that we can send energy all day long, if the person doesn’t wish to receive it, this energy stuff is pointless.

5.  Finally, giving is receiving.  As a healer, I believe taking the extra step to embrace the receiving process myself is extremely important.  When we receive is when we have a constant flow to give more.  We not only create the FLOW for ourselves but for all those around us.  Universal Law of Abundance works both ways- giving and receiving.  If we want to experience true giving, we must also experience true receiving.  In order to embrace the receiving process, we must know our value!  Knowing our own value is the only way we can begin developing the confidence to encourage others to also know their value.

Now, do I do free healing?  Absolutely!  I’m a Light carrier.  It’s my duty on Earth to assist those in need.  Here’s my simple strategy to help you reprogram your belief system and still offer free sessions.  I ALWAYS charge for the appropriate amount in my head & heart.  I thank the Universe for bringing this abundance into my life.  When I see fit, I will minus that same amount because I feel this particular session should be a gift.  I allow the Universe to make that call.  I don’t.  The end result is no charge.  However, in this process, I’ve completed the cycle of “offering- receiving- giving” in my heart- knowing all is well and everything happens at exactly the right Moment.

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