Relationship with money

Our relationship with money tells us everything about how we live and spend our energy in our daily lives.  This relates to relationships, business, and most importantly- how we treat ourselves.

Andrew Carnegie, a steel industry giant, once said “The man who dies rich, dies disgraced.”  Interesting one of the richest men in history would say something like this.  What feelings come up when you hear this statement?  Anger?  Joy? Resentment?  Happy? Guilt?  Repulsed? All of the above plus much much more?  What thoughts come up for you?  Don’t even want to think about it?

Yes!  All of us, at one point or another, have had money issues.  Some people seem to have a lifetime-battle with money. It’s a reflection of our energetic vibration.  It’s the product of our deep seeded belief system combined with our karmic imprints.  This does not mean you’re a bad person with an awful vibration.  This simply means the material outcome is not in alignment with what you’re meant to have in this lifetime.  This creates an energy misalignment and the result is lowered vibration.  Low vibration attracts low vibration.  The vicious cycle begins.  The good news is we can easily reverse this.

Our school system and family dynamics programmed us to automatically assume money is evil in many ways.  We learned ways to chase money instead of organically attract wealth.  No matter how much we try to reverse this belief system in our adult logical minds, some seem to carry feelings of jealousy towards millionaires anyway.  The negativity surfaces in thoughts like “I wish I were…”, “Why can’t I have…”, “They should do something productive with their money…”, etc.

So, back to Andrew Carnegie.  We came into the world without money.  We will also leave this life without money.  Money, at the end of the day, is just a stack of paper.  It serves a purpose in our society.  It gets us what we want and provides the goods we need to support our lifestyle (whatever lifestyle you choose).  Many automatically conclude that since we should die without money, therefore we never should live with money.  Logically, we know this doesn’t make sense.  However, our feelings and belief system control our material manifestation, not our logical minds.  So, I can have sound logical thoughts all day, but end up with nothing in my pocket– If I do not believe with every fiber of my being that I deserve to live an abundant lifestyle while walking my path.

Carnegie believed in giving the material wealth away before he died; allowing the money to continue his legacy.  He never said one should live without money.  Money gave him the luxury to help many.  However, his knowledge of how money works is what has lasted many generations and truly benefiting many lives.

Here’s what I’ve learned about money:  I may not have a say in the world economy, but I know I have full control of how I want to live and what vibration I want to carry.  Therefore, I have full control over my personal economy.  I also know I am capable of shifting my vibration anytime I want to.  It’s about recognizing my belief system and make appropriate adjustments if I do not feel in alignment with it any longer.  If I want to be wealthy, I must believe I’m wealthy.  Creating a stream of cashFLOW requires 3 beliefs:

1.  Believing I deserve the wealth…it’s my birth right.

2.  Feeling grateful while the wealth is in my possession.

3.  Being able to let go of the cash (release energy) knowing deeply more are flowing in.

This Saturday, 11/17/2012, I will be holding a workshop at the Learning Light Foundation. I’d love it if you can join me.  Be prepared to shift your vibration, open up your Receiving Receptors and start attracting the wealth that’s rightfully yours!

Creating Freedom with UniversalCashFLOW™

Here’s to embracing an abundant lifestyle!  Namate

~ Jennifer

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