11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

As our Consciousness expands, we not only shift on a Spiritual level but our mind and body change cellularly too.  There are many Signs in Spiritual Awakening.  Just to name a few, we made a video on 11 common signs of Spiritual Awakening.

11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening:

  1. Major setback in life
  2. Unexplained aches
  3. Uncontrollable weight gain or loss
  4. Anxiety or Panic Attacks
  5. Emotional rollercoaster
  6. Persistent “lump in throat”
  7. Constant exhaustion or can’t sleep
  8. Feeling lost or something is missing
  9. Suddenly seeing/ sending non-physical entities
  10. Lack of concentration and forgetfulness
  11. Flu-like symptoms without the flu

It is important at this this time to honor your body.  Take plenty of rest.  Start noticing foods and medication no longer feeling in alignment.  Notify your doctor and embrace the fact that you know your body best.  If needed, insist on a second opinion.  It is also beneficial to reduce stress.  This is your new way of living, your new way of BEing.  Know that the adjustments are ongoing.  As you shift your vibration, you will notice further changes.  These initial vibrational shifts are the most shocking to your system.  Your body will start getting use to the adjustments and will not be disruptive to your life anymore.

As much as it can be bothersome, also try to go with the flow. Let go of the old and embrace the new.  I’ve found that the more we resist, the harder and longer this transition is.

If these adjustments get too intense.  Know that you can ask your Spirit Guides to help you slow down the process.  Ask them to only give you what your physical body can take comfortably.  If you haven’t connected with your Spirit Team, feel free to ask The TARA Council for assistance.

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  1. I have most of these! I am happily waking up and can not wait to see what the spiritual realm has for me.