Healing with Rose Quartz

Healing with rose quartz- Afsi Mostajab Center Of Oneness TransformationAs a healer, I love healing with Pink Rose Quartz.

I use it on the heart chakra, or 4th chakra ( central ) , the gate between the lower chakras and higher chakras. Its knows for balancing yin-yang energies and rejuvenating for both physical body and emotions. This Chakra helps us to live life from the heart center and to me that is the place I love to sent  loving healing vibration the most.
This amazing healing stone, brings a calming , gentle and loving healing energy to the body , that helps us release and let go of all the emotional hurt that we hold on to in our heart chakra .  Rose Quartz is known as the stone of universal love , Harmony , self love , inner healing , removes negativity , promotes self worth, It restores trust and harmony unconditional love for self and others .You may wear this beautiful stone as a pendant in the chest area or simply place it in your shirt pocket to keep the loving vibration near your body .

I have many pink rose quartz in my home. It brings a calm , gentle love vibration to your environment . When I do my healing work I simply place a Pink Rose Quartz on the heart chakra and ask for its wisdom to assist me in my healing work and bring in the peace and love and healing that is needed for that person . I simply trust that what is needed for the person will be delivered for the highest good of that person .

Love & Light on your path always ~
afsi ~

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