Dealing with difficult people

Ever feel like your boss is driving you nuts on a daily basis?  Ever wonder why your kids aren’t listening to you?  What about your spouse who’s supposed to be your best friend in life?  Why are they giving you such a hard time?  As a Spiritualist, you feel torn.  We are supposed to love all Souls but man, can it be hard sometimes!  Today, let’s take a Moment and talk about what to do when dealing with difficult people.  More precisely, how to deal with difficult situations.

The World is our mirror.  It reflects what we like and what we don’t like.  It reflects who we are and who we aren’t.  This is the Universal Law of Reflection.  Everyone of these people I mentioned above are loving souls.  We do not agree with their actions.  We do not have to like their behaviors.  But as Spiritualist, we love them anyway because we know they are only Messengers to help us see what we like and don’t like in our own life.

When I’m dealing with difficult people, I remind myself their actions and behaviors are not who they truly are.  The Truth is we are all Souls carrying Universal Love and Light.  What I do not agree with is their human behaviors and actions.  The Situation itself can rub me the wrong way.  But this has nothing to do with their loving Soul.   I must be very clear in understanding that what I’m truly having an issue with is not them, but the situation I’m in.  They just happen to be participants in this situation triggering an healing opportunity in me.

If there’s nothing to be triggered in me.  I will not be reacting to the situation.  I will remain on the sideline watching all situations as an objective observer.  I may not feel in alignment with various actions, behaviors and attitudes, but I won’t really have much feelings towards the situation either.

I then take personal responsibility.  Look inside rather than outside.  I’m the Creator of all my Experiences.  My Soul has asked these situations to appear so I can take a good look at what I’m unhappy with on the inside.  I can choose to release these karmic imprints or old beliefs.  I can also choose to ignore them.  Everything is up to me.   If things don’t change in my unhappy life, it’s because subconsciously, I wish to grab on to things that don’t serve me.  What’s my payoff in this?  What’s my attachment to this situation?  What’s preventing me from letting it go?  It’s time for meditation and allow your Higher Self to provide some insight to the situation.

Do I want to point fingers at others first?  Sure.  It’s a natural human reaction.  We are Egoic Beings.   I still find myself do this once in a while, especially when it’s a deep karmic imprint I’m having a hard time releasing.  My Egoic self wants to create drama to distract me from these healing opportunities. This is when I make conscious effort in Choosing the Lifestyle I want.  I know that by releasing, I’m forever increasing my core vibration.  I can also choose to table this, knowing it will surface over and over again until I’m willing shift.  The choice is all mine.  and this is why I, as a human, have free-will.

With practice, you  too, can gently ask your Ego to step aside, you’re ready to release this karmic imprint and move forward in Infinite Love, Peace and Light.  So, the next time your boss is being demanding, ask:  How am I being overly demanding of myself?  When the kids are not listening, ask:  Am I listening to what I truly want?  When your partner is not being supportive, ask:  Do I believe I deserve to be loved and supported unconditionally?

I am the master of my fate.  I am the caption of my soul.  ~ Willima Earnet Henly

Jennifer Cloake

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