Manifest with Meditation and Visualization

One of the most powerful Manifestation techniques is to combine Meditation with Visualization.

In short, Meditation is the practice of non-thinking while Visualization is about thinking. So, as you can see, it can cause some confusion if you want to use it as a manifestation technique.

Let’s talk about Manifestation:
Manifestation is the process of bringing your non-physical desires and thoughts into the physical reality. In order the manifest all things positive, we must carry positive frequencies.

Let’s take a closer look at Meditation:
Meditation is the practice of non-thinking. It’s a technique to tap into your Center of Oneness, your Temple of Truth, your Space of Creation. All those reside right in your Heart. They cannot be seen, cannot be heard. But they can be felt.

Your Center of Oneness brings you back to the space of neutrality, where we are One. There’s no separation. It just Is.

Your Temple of Truth is where you can tap into your Inner Wisdom with the support of you Spirit Guides, Angels, your Higher Self, God- Whatever Infinite Source you want to call it. That’s where you get YOUR Truth on life situations and relationship dynamics. You can find answers to all of your questions if are willing and ready to Receive them.

Then, there’s your Space of Creation. In this heart space, you are One with the Universe where nothing happens and everything happens. Infinite Possibilities are available to you. From this space, you can create all things positive or all things negative. The choice is yours!

Now, let’s check out Visualization:
Visualization is no more than a technique used to program or re-program your beliefs and/ or core energetic vibration. I’m very visual so pictures and videos work well for me. You will see my presentations in powerpoint a lot. It’s not because I want to be fancy. But I think in images and frames. If you’re not a visual person, replace Visualization aids with Audio aids. You can listen to chakra healing music, hypnotherapy or affirmation CD’s- anything you feel good about can  help you in programming beliefs and core frequencies.

Don’t be surprised if you go back and forth between audio and visual.  At times, audio inspires me more than visual.  It’s just a general guideline to what works best for you.  Limiting to only one medium may stop the energy flow.  Explore away!

So, how do these work together for the purpose of Manifestation?
First, develop a daily practice of Meditation. It doesn’t have to be grand. It just has to be consistent. See it as you honoring your Inner Wisdom or connecting briefly with the Infinity within you for a few Moments a day. If you’re starting out, don’t stress about setting around trying to not thinking for 30 minutes. That could be a daunting task when your brain is used to thousands of thoughts a day. Instead, give yourself a few Moments of silence. Enjoy the quietness.  See it as a Gift. Feel your heartbeat. Feel the blood pumping in your veins. Allow a few Moments just to feel everything non-physical around you. Feel the air, the breeze. Notice sounds. Eventually, you will be able to meditate longer. Your goal in meditation is one thing- tap into that space of nothing-ness where you can create everything in an instant. That takes practice. But once you can do this, you will be able to tap in within minutes, if not seconds.

Secondly, if you’re awaken enough, you can add the visualization aspect. In this space of creation, you can use images or audio aid to help you feel what you want. It is very important you feel on top of thinking. Really merge with the words in your audio and feel the vibration in the image in your head. Be One with them. Know that you’re the creator of all experiences in life.

In order to truly Manifest On Demand, 2 things need to happen. Being able to tap into your Space of Creation in an instant and know exactly what you want. That’s where visual and audio aids can help you in bringing the non-physical into the physical.

Let’s face it. We do have limitations on Earth. On days I feel a little stressed, it may take a few minutes to get into that zone. So, are we really Manifesting in this very Moment, like magic? No. Not likely, as long as you’re in a human body, it may take some time. That said, what I want typically happens within hours, if not minutes. and I’m totally okay with that! As far as I’m concerned, I’m still Manifesting On Demand!

Jennifer Cloake- Center Of Oneness- Awakening

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