Spirituality cannot be rushed

Spiritual connection- candle- center of oneness- awakeningI have to admit.  I like things done fast.  I like things done super fast.  My 3rd Dimensional persona would love to have things done…like, yesterday.  Really, having everything done yesterday is probably not fast enough for me either.  However, one of the things I learned on my Spiritual journey is that Spirituality cannot be rushed.

When we are accomplishment oriented, we are living in the space of the future.  We are not looking at what has been accomplished (the past).  We are definitely not looking at what is Being accomplished right here, right now.  Spirituality is about the Now.  We find our Spiritual connection when we are fully present.

The more I deny this Truth, the longer it takes me to connect with my Now; my Spirituality, my Soul.  Because my human characteristics tend to move fast, I have formulated a daily routine that works well for me to bring myself back to neutral Consciousness.  I pause what I’m doing every 2 hours or so and center myself.  This doesn’t have to take long; usually about 5 minutes.  I take a quick survey of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I ask myself the following questions:

How am I feeling physically?  Is my body tense?  Do I need to stretch?  Sometimes the physical body can feel stressed if I’m not present in my body.  For example, I often travel to other dimensions when I’m writing eBooks.  My body can feel stressed out going in and out of various Dimensions.  So, I will talk with my body and ask how it’s doing.  Sometimes sitting too long puts my body to sleep.  Getting up and walking around the house will get my blood circulation going again.  I’m now in touch with my physical body.

Do I feel like I’m in the flow of the Now?  Nothing really exist when we are in the flow.  This energy is natural and long lasting.  When I’m in the flow, I feel like I can do the task on hand forever.  Things are getting done magically.  No effort.  No trouble.  It almost feels like a dance.  If I’m emotionally stressed, there’s no way I can be in the Flow.  So, I check in with myself.  I ask myself how am I feeling?  If my answer is anything other than “I’m happy!”, then I’d either do an quick energy clearing or I’d take a look at what I need to shift to restore to the higher vibrational frequencies.

What am I thinking right now?  Thinking can be a form of escape.  I admit, I love to think.  I can be in my head quite a bit planning projects and dreaming of what’s possible.  That’s my love.  That’s my comfort zone.  It’s wonderful to be a Visionary but at the end of the day, dreams won’t come true if we don’t take actions to make it happen on Earth.  We’d just stay in the “thinking” zone.  I simply check in and make sure I’m not drifting into wonderland.  If I am, I decided whether it’s for my greater good to continue or if it’s time to come back into my physical body.  I’m now in control of my Conscious mind rather than allowing it to run my life.  The benefit of this is that if you can manage your Conscious mind at will, it’s a natural progression to tap into your subconscious mind on demand.  That’s where we get to the fun stuff!

Am I feeling the Spiritual support around me?  I like to check in with my Spiritual Team throughout the day.  This is not to receive messages but simply saying Hi and Thank You.   Old pals have a cup of afternoon tea.  Me and my Spiritual Pals light a candle.  It’s just my way of honoring them for unconditionally offering me Guidance when I ask.  It’s my way to visit the Souls back Home while I continue my Journey here in the physical.

So, my conclusion:  I believe Spirituality cannot be rushed.  However, we can all easily connect to it anytime we want to.  The magic is in staying in the Now as much as possible.  When we are mind-body-heart conscious, Spirituality is naturally present.  Before you know it, it doesn’t hide in the subconscious any longer.  It becomes a part of your Conscious vibration.

I’d love to hear about your Journey.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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