The magic in Lavender oil

lavender-afsiONE of my most favorite essential oil is lavender oil. I use this oil everyday and  when I do healing work. It creates a calming, balancing effect.

In a small spray bottle mix 8-10 drops of Lavender oil with water for air freshener, free of chemicals.

You can also use a drop of lavender oil on your third eye and your forehead to help you relax.

Use 2 drops of Lavender oil per ounce of your favorite base oil or carrier oil like almond oil and use it to massage your body.

Lavender is used to refresh and relax the body in a natural way, Helps with Anxiety, Burns, inflammation, Muscle aches, Headaches, Dry skin, insect repellent , also safe to use around your beloved pet .  Get to know this amazing Healing oil- the Lavender Oil.

Note: Always test any oils (dilute first) on your arm before you use it, in case of allergic reactions.  Re-test periodically, as your body shifts during Awakening and Transformation, your sensitivity to oils may also change.


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