Manifest through the Butoh Dance

I was watching a German Movie called Cherry Blossoms.  I saw something I’ve never seen before, the Butoh Dance.  I’m not much of an artist except for the occasional doodle on napkins. So at first glance, I couldn’t relate to it.  What does the Butoh dance have to do with Spirituality, you ask.  Quite a bit, actually.  Spiritual connection often show itself as a spark of idea or an inspiration.  We easily manifest  when we can interpret non-physical sparks of interest into something tangible on Earth.

From what I can tell with the Butoh dance, you’re interpreting a spark of Inspiration (or a series of sparks) through the body movement.  These inspirations are being send into both the head and heart space for the artist to connect with their thoughts and feelings.  These sparks are then translated into body movements telling the story of it’s original Inspiration.  It’s the physical interpretation of a non-physical idea.  and that’s what we do when we Manifest.

In this movie, the husband was dying of cancer but he didn’t know.  What’s being shown in the Youtube video is his Spiritual connection with his wife who has passed unexpectedly before he did.  He never understood Butoh dance, even though it was his wife’s passion when she was alive.  He thought it was a waste of energy to connect with anything unreal through body movement.  He only recognized what could be seen with the physical eye.  They loved each other very much but he was finally able to have a true Spiritual connection with his wife moments before his own passing, through the Butoh Dance.

Despite his inability to dance, it was interesting that this man finally understood that the physical body will naturally move when we are in touch with our heart.  and our heart space is where we are in touch with Spiritual inspirations.   If you’re Awakening to all thing possible, I highly recommend this movie.

Try to interpret a message or thought through body movements.  It’s fun.  It connects you with the Now.  It’s a wonderful alternative to silent meditation.  I use do it now when I just need to stretch my muscles and quickly center myself.

The Butoh Dance can help you condition your mind, body and spirit for Effortless Manifestation.  When in touch with the Heart, all things non-physical can manifest into physical reality.  I’d love to hear your experiences…

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