Modifying or Adding to your Spiritual Contract

Rules with love- Center of Oneness- Spiritual ContractLast week, we spoke about setting up a General Spiritual Contract with your Spiritual Guides and Angels.  This week, we want to talk about how we can modify or add to your Contract.  Since there’s no limitation in time and space when it comes to the Spiritual realm, you can add to your Spiritual contract when you see fit, anytime and anywhere.

One night, my husband went into a delusional state in a diabetic episode.  I’m a dead sleeper. Mama likes her full night of sleep.  Before I go to bed, I usually will ask that I do not get interrupted by dreams and messages.  This night, my eyes popped wide open to find him in a comatosed state.  I couldn’t get him to drink his juice and his muscles were frozen. I couldn’t even pull him out of the bed.  Basically, I ended up having to call the ambulance.  As you can imagine, I couldn’t sleep for nights after that.  In a moment of clarity after the initial shock, I remembered I could asked to be awakened if his blood sugar drops below 60.  After that, I was back sound asleep trusting my Guides will watch his blood sugar for us while we sleep.  It’s been working ever since.

On a lighter note, I often ask for a writer to step in to help me clarify my vision since I’m not a natural writer.  If I want to bake a cake (not likely), I ask a baker to help me so I don’t burn it.  I remember once I asked a write to step in and channel Spiritual messages through my writing.  It was an extremely intelligent man but he was slower than I wanted in expressing his thoughts.  Even though I was having fun listening to him, I felt I needed to get my writing done because I’m in the physical world where time does matter.  I thanked him and asked for a replacement, specifying that I needed someone who can get to the point with easy to understand human terms.  This wasn’t to offend him.  I simply needed alternative assistance that day.  The Spirits are fun that way and don’t hold negative feelings.  They have one task- that’s to help you with what you need and want.  I love them for it.

During Awakening, energy may be shifting too fast for your physical body.  You can ask the Guides to help you filter the energy.  Have the energy come at a slower and more peaceful pace.  When you feel tapped out, also feel free to shut it down for awhile.

From time to time, you may feel inspired to try something new like gardening when you thought you were allergic to dirty nails.  You may not notice at first but there’s new guidance around you. Trust it.  Go with it.  You are meant to experience it so you can move forward in love, peace and abundance on Earth.  Perhaps you are meant to pick up gardening to meet your Soulmate next year at the Gardening Show.  Perhaps it’s your path to connect with Mother Earth through gardening so you can do healing work.

As you experience life, feel free to modify the Spiritual Contract that no longer works for you.  You can add or subtract the clauses in your contract.  You can also cancel it with your Guides and start all over again.  They are here to support you.  Ask and you shall Receive!

Feel free to share your Spiritual experiences with others in the comment section below.  Next week, we will discuss Learning from the Spirit Realm.

Happy Expanding…

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