Do I have a choice in Awakening?

Many Awakening out of the blue. Mine was sudden and literally overnight. I basically woke up one morning and all the successes and wealthy I accumulated looked like Barbie’s Dreamland. I had this burning desire to know the meaning of Life.

So, Did I have a choice in Awakening? No, I didn’t. Not consciously at the time anyway. However, I did have a choice in whether I wanted to continue my Journey in Self Realization. At the time, I didn’t know I had a choice so I rocked on.  For that, I’m grateful.  But I also wished I knew I had a choice.

If you’re here, you have Awakened. Awakening is no more than realizing there’s something beyond what we can see in the physical world. Sometimes, there’s a deeper realization that how we live our life on Earth no longer feels right. It could be unhappiness in a romantic relationship, realizing you deserve more. Perhaps you’re tired of the financial ups and downs, realizing it’s causing you anxiety. Maybe you simply feel like there’s more to life than fancy cars and big houses. You want to do something more meaningful with your time on Earth.

During Awakening, we ironically flow right into the stage of Self Realization without realizing it. During this time, we connect with our High Self and Universal Oneness. We explore. We embrace the Infinite power within. It’s a fun process mixed with plenty of lessons. We become more Intuitive while karmic imprints surface waiting to be dissolved. Even though the rewards are incredible but the Journey can feel rocky and overwhelming.  It can feel like a bitter sweet experience.

Know that even if you have Awakened,  you do have a choice whether you want to move forward in this…

I believe the first decision to make is whether you truly want to live a peaceful abundant lifestyle? Everyone has a different definition of abundance and peace.  I, myself, was a workaholic. I was very successful in business but  I was constantly irritated and never happy.  I knew there’s got to be something more I wasn’t seeing. Therefore, I made a decision to continue with my investigation. Basically, I had to be unhappy enough in life that I was willing to try anything and everything for an alternative way to live.  If you’re unsure, try making a list of what you love about life and where the dissatisfaction is. It will give you a clear picture of whether you want to change how you live your life on Earth.

If you decide there is something you’d like to shift in your life, my second question to you is: Are you willing to embrace this Infinite lifestyle no matter what you have to experience first?  If so, know that lessons are surfacing to clear energy so that you recondition your mind, body and spirit to be in alignment with this Universal Wisdom. Know it’s a process. It’s an experience. No more and no less.  and you have full control how fast you want these lessons to surface.

Please do understand that it’s absolutely okay to say no to the Awakening and Self Realization process.  That said, some people are meant to Awaken to complete a mission in this lifetime.  If you signed up to complete a mission, then it’s a matter of time before you reawaken again.  You know what’s best for you. You have a choice on how you want to live your Life and when you’d like to walk ‘the path’.  Trust your Intuition and rock on…


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Happy Expanding!

Jennifer Cloake- Founder of Center of Oneness
Jennifer Cloake is the creator of the ManifestOnDemand ™ and UniversalCashFLOW ™ programs. An Online Marketing Strategist, Spiritual Healer and Manfestation Expert, she’s well known for combining high vibration Spiritual Wisdom with business savvy solutions. Her humor and quick get-to-the-point approach have helped many with their business and personal Transformation. To connect with Jennifer, visit

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