Sacred Sage

smudging with sage- afsi mostajab

One powerful herb that I use for healing is White Sage. It is also one of the oldest methods for clearing and cleansing.

It can be use to clear space or a person. The word “sage” means “to heal.” It is known to bring spiritual awareness and clarity. Sage can also be used if you feel depressed and have very low energy, simply burn the dry leaves until you see the smoke and use your hand or a big feather to fan the smoke around you. You can start form your heart center and work your way around the body (don’t forget under your feet), and at the same time think about how you are releasing the negative energy into the smoke. Burning sage and using the smoke to remove the negative energy and invite the positive energy is called smudging.

Sage is the number one herb if you want to invite balance and positive thoughts into your energy field and clear the negative feelings and thoughts. The healing properties of sage come from the antibiotic agents in the plant.

Make sure you use a safe bowl to burn the sage in, as it can get very hot. A clay bowl or abalone shell is best. Never use a glass container.

Happy Smudging
love & light ~

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