Awakening: I’m tired. But I must help…

Always help others.  That’s been drilled into my head since I was a little kid.  I’ve learned during my Awakening that I do not need to go out of my way to help others. This goes against all teachings for compassion, you say.  Yes.  It may sound that way at first, but hear me out…

On the Soul level, we have unlimited resources and love.  On Earth, we have limited energy and time.  So pacing our physical energy is an important lesson during our Awakening.  If we are constantly feeling tapped out, we are no good to ourselves or to others.  Instead of  helping out of love and compassion, it becomes a labor intensive obligation.  The positive intention is diluted with negative feelings of stress.

Sometimes, we feel a burning desire to help a cause because we either need to experience a lesson or it’s one of the ‘jobs’ we signed up for prior to coming to Earth.  Either way, go with your gut and follow these intense inspirations.  When inspirations are followed, you are powered by Universal energy- not your own.  So, rarely do we need to worry about energy conservation. It feels like there’s an invisible force carrying you in the task.  It feels powerful and effortless.

We, as Light Carriers, are naturally helpful.  We will give the shirts off of our backs to keep someone warm.  The thing is when our energetic system is  overwhelmed, we hesitate to help others because we subconsciously know we need to converse energy.  Intuitively, we know our energy is near done-done, even thought our conscious mind tells us it’s the right thing to do.  This can create internal conflicts that lower our energetic frequencies further.  Low energy fields attract all things low energy.  Not only does that bother us because we don’t feel like we can help even when we really really want to, our own lives become a series of chaotic events.  If we want to truly help, it is important we keep our energy frequencies as high as possible at all times.

I am not asking you to stop helping people.  I encourage it.  However, I’m asking you to slow down and pace yourself.  Trust that the ones who need your help will show up on your path.  Allow your physical body to recharge and refuel so you can help more people.  It’s important we learn when to take a break before we feel overwhelmed.  That way, we can pace ourselves.  After all, if you’re a Light Carrier, it’s a good bet your signed up to help others lifelong.  No need to rush…you have a whole life of helping ahead of you.  =)  Choose to help with all your Heart…

Happy expanding!

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Jennifer Cloake- Founder of Center of Oneness
Jennifer Cloake is the creator of the ManifestOnDemand ™ and UniversalCashFLOW ™ programs. An Online Marketing Strategist, Spiritual Healer and Manfestation Expert, she’s well known for combining high vibration Spiritual Wisdom with business savvy solutions. Her humor and quick get-to-the-point approach have helped many with their business and personal Transformation. To connect with Jennifer, visit

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