The Power of Amethyst

amethyst awakeningThe Magical stone Amethyst , Stone of the Seventh Chakra ( Crown)  is another favorite of mine in my Healing practice . It helps focus energy and also helps when the person receiving energy work to hold the stone in their hand or sometimes I place amethyst on their body to help them release fears and the guilt.

Amethyst is called the Wisdom stone, use it to help open up your psychic centers center. It’s one of the best stones to use when you meditate , It helps you open up and connect to your higher wisdom.  Also used for protection against psychic attacks and witchcraft.  Helps you let go of anger and anxiety.
Best way to wear it,  is around your neck as a necklace , or you can have clusters or tumbled or any shape Amethyst  around your home to bring in the calm and positive  energy into your home . This magical stone is also great to help you fall sleep as it takes away your fearful thoughts. Just place the stone under your pillow and it will bring you sense of calm. It’s the stone I mostly recommend to people that are going through grief and  personal losses , it helps them go through it in a gentle way.
Also helps one to let go of addictions and cravings.
Amethyst is from the Crystal quartz family in light or dark purple and its truly very beautiful and healing  to look at.
Use Amethyst when you need to bring in a positive, calm , peaceful energy  into your life and connect to a higher a vibration.
Happy connecting to this magical stone ~
Love & Light
Afsi Mostajab mentors Healers and often holds training classes to support professional and personal healing.

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