What to do when lessons are too intense or fast during Awakening?

While we experience Awakening, lessons can feel too intense or fast. What do we do? We can ask for the lessons to slow down. We can also ask the lessons to come at a speed where it feels the most comfortable for our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies on Earth. The question is do we really want to slow down?

If you’re like me, you accept all experiences head on with super oomph! My Earthly personality tends to be on the intense side. I can do 10 things at once. I move faster than average and I want to see results, NOW! I have little to no patience for anything inefficient. As you can imagine, this made me very successful in business but created a lot of internal conflicts as my personality is the total opposite to Spiritual law of going with the FLOW. Much of my lessons have been figuring out what harmony and balance mean to me in this lifetime.

I remember when I first Awakened, my body was going through all sorts of changes. I never knew when I woke up each morning whether I was going to be full of energy or lie in bed with a headache. I was tired of having to cancel my business meetings and dodge people. I wanted this non-sense to end. I wanted my life back. So, I told the Universe to “bring it on!” and “show me all ya got!”. I wanted all this adjustment stuff to be over so I can move on to the promise land. BAM! I was laid up in bed deathly ill for a good 2 weeks. I couldn’t talk (I talked for a living). I couldn’t move without hurting (I was all about action). I couldn’t do anything really but to sit still and go within.

This was way before I became an energy healer. I didn’t understand there was no limitation to time or space in other realms, like we do here on Earth. When I said to bring it on, the Universe took no time to give all of it to me. When we desire fast results, we manifest intense lessons. Now, don’t worry. Knowing this is powerful. If you can demand fast results, you can also slow down the process.

You may ask: Why would I want to slow down? Well, you don’t have to. That’s the beauty of this. and you can change it on a daily basis if you want. You can go as fast or as slow as you want on your Journey. We are meant to live an abundant peaceful life on Earth. The ultimate secret lies in feeling good about the Journey, despite our human desires of wanting more and needing to move faster.

I now know I didn’t have to “suffer” though the intensity to get to the good stuff. I could, if I wanted to, experience a mixture of it at the speed most comfortable to my body. That said, the most comfortable speed for me at the time was probably to “bring it on!” LOL So, you see…all things happens exactly as you wish.

As you experience changes, enjoy the positives. The more positives you recognize in life, the more peaceful you feel during the Awakening.

Remember this: Wanting speedy results is a human desire, which can bring unnecessary stress. Completely going with the Universal flow can feel a little out of control while living with Earthly limitations. Harmony lies somewhere between the two. The great news is YOU get to decide what feel the most comfortable. and that, my friend, takes trial and error. That’s what the Journey is about.

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Happy Expanding!

Jennifer Cloake- Founder of Center of Oneness
Jennifer Cloake is the creator of the ManifestOnDemand ™ and UniversalCashFLOW ™ programs. An Online Marketing Strategist, Spiritual Healer and Manfestation Expert, she’s well known for combining high vibration Spiritual Wisdom with business savvy solutions. Her humor and quick get-to-the-point approach have helped many with their business and personal Transformation. To connect with Jennifer, visit https://centerofoneness.org/about-us/contact-us/

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