Awakening Discomfort- Why do we have a hard time investing in ourselves?

Last week, I introduced a product called DrinkinMate . Something that has helped me and many around me relieve Awakening discomforts.  Yes, the yucky feelings in the stomach, the body aches, and the dreaded overall fatigue.

Quite a few people emailed me and told me that they no longer can deal with the intense physical discomfort associated with Awakening.  They know they want the relief but not sure why they find every excuse not to try this product, especially when I personally recommended it.

After receiving these emails and quick conversations, I realized that many are having a difficult time investing in themselves, which prompted this email. So, why is it that we can feel so uncomfortable, yet not able to invest in a solution that’s right in front of us?  an instant relief that’s handed to us on a silver platter?  In theory, it can’t get any easier than this right?  Wrong!  The mind can play tricks on us, if we allow it.

Let’s do the math here so we get the obvious out of the way. The product is $13, less than $1 per tablet. We have no problem spending $300 on a pair of shoes for our kids or $50 on meditation CD’s so it can’t be the money.  If I tell you to give me $1 to relieve you of discomfort, you’d gladly hand it over!  So, why won’t we invest in ourselves?  I learned a lot while coaching clients throughout the years (and through my own Journey) that:

1. Sometimes we are not ready to let go of discomfort (physical, emotional or Spiritual) because subconsciously we feel misery is all we deserve in life. You may fight this one hard. You may even want to email me right now and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. If that’s the case, I’ve hit a nerve haven’t I?  The fact is that we don’t like investing in ourselves.  It feels un-natural.  We have been taught it’s rude to give to ourselves and to believe in ourselves. We are givers. We are only supposed to give. We don’t receive. The Truth is if we are true givers, we will give unconditionally and it won’t matter who we are giving to- this includes ourselves. Remember, giving cannot be done without someone on the other end to receive it.  The 2 go hand in hand.  Choose to give to yourself today!

2. Sometimes we can’t accept that the answers were provided so easily. Yes. Life is that simple. However, we aren’t always ready to Receive.  Not everyone opens my emails. If you didn’t last week, perhaps you weren’t ready to hear this solution and that’s okay.  If you opened it today, you may be ready.  The Universe work in mysterious ways.  Everything happens at exactly the right Moment.  Answers are given when we are ready to receive them.  Good things not only come when you work hard, good things come when we feel GOOD!  Positives attract positives. Healthy bodies hold positive energy.  We have the answers and the power right in our hands. It’s a matter of choosing which path we want to take– the Effortless route without pain and discomfort, or the difficult route where we live in suffering. If this resonates with you, the question is what’s so attractive to the negative path of suffering that’s stopping you from Receiving all things positive?  Do we actually feel better, more powerful when we suffer?  Because we are actually strong enough to endure the misery?  Something is keeping you on that path and perhaps it’s time to travel on a new route, the easier route!

3. Sometimes we refuse to invest in our healthy, because we’d no longer have excuses not to move forward and do all we want in life. Not feeling well can provide a comforting easy excuse not to do what you signed up to do here on Earth- make a difference. Come on.  We have all called in sick to work.  We pretend to not feel good for some much needed mental rest.  Honestly, there are days I rather be a regular Joe who didn’t sign up as a Lightworker. But I do know now that whenever I want to, I can take a break. I do not need to be a Lightworker 24/7. and I do not need to be a saint 24/7. That’s not what Life is about.  I certainly do not need to feel ill or bad to have an excuse to relax.  I can choose to relax while feeling good!

I’m not here to force DrinkinMate on you. But if you are on the fence about feeling better with these Awakening symptoms, I urge you to try it. Not because of anything else but to embrace investing in your health. Invest in feeling better. Invest in you. It’s time.  Pay attention to how you feel in this process of choosing “feeling better”.  Here are some patterns that may occur…

~~ If you’re having a hard time pressing the “buy” button, you may be having a hard time “committing” to your health and having too much fun committing to feeling bad.  Ask what’s feeling so good about feeling bad?  That will open up the gateway to internal honesty and help you see how you’ve formed an attachment to things that don’t serve you.  There’s no good or bad in this.  Remember the goal is to feel good in life, not to criticize!

~~ If you find yourself wondering what else you can spend this money on, the Truth is you may be feeling guilty for investing in yourself.  Choose to change it because you’re worth it, no matter what the price is!  Make it a habit to Give to yourself each day.

~~ If you’re questioning whether this product will work, 2 things may be happening:  Either you’re not uncomfortable enough in your situation and you need to hit the bottom before you make a decision to get out.  Or maybe more work needs to be done in the faith department when the answer is provided to you.  The more we trust the more answers show up in Life. The Truth is not everything will work 100% of the time.  But giving up and not trying at all is for sure an 100% failure rate.

Give it a try. Feel better the next day!  Note:  This product was originally designed for symptoms relating to excess drinking; symptoms such as queasy or sensitive stomach, dehydration, fatigue and aches.  However, my research indicates that our cells go through the same type of trauma when experiencing Consciousness Awakening. This special Guava Leaf Extract formula has definitely helped me and my friends in the relief of those lousy feelings.  Enjoy!

Feel better the next day!

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