The magic of Sodalite

Center of Oneness Magic of SodaliteSodalite stone brings peace and harmony to your environment, specially if you have trouble sleeping keep this healing stone next to your bed or under your pillow it will help you sleep better .

Sodalite is known to bring power and luck , Help you with communication ( great stones to have if you are writing ) , stimulate endurance ( favorite with athletes) . Helps with will power and creativity and known to connect heart and mind so one can bring their dreams and visions into reality.

I’m sometimes guided to use this beautiful stone in my healing work and it brings a peaceful and calming energy to the healing session .
Sodalite comes in many forms , Wand , pyramid , egg shape , sphere , obelisk or you can wear it in jewelry .
No matter how you choose to bring Sodalite into your environment , the energy it brings is about Harmony and Peace .

Have a calm and peaceful journey with Sodalite ~

Love & Light ~ afsi

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