Can Wealth and Spirituality co-exist?

During my Awakening, one of the biggest questions I had was: Can wealth and Spirituality co-exist? 

My Awakening was both shocking and intense. I literally woke up one morning and felt like my world was turned upside down. All the wealth I accumulated and worked hard for didn’t make sense to me any longer. The marriage I adored felt like a trap. The world I lived in seemed like Barbie’s dreamland.  I ended up locking myself in my room for three days wondering about the meaning of Life.

In my pursuit of Happiness, I neglected my family and friends.  I lost interest in all of my businesses and investment properties.  Consequently, I lost nearly all of my material possession. Once a wealthy, driven die-hard Entrepreneur, I was now someone who felt lost, deflated and counting pennies.

As I went  on a one-year Soul Searching mission studying under Spiritual teachers and Gurus, I was almost proud of the fact that I was poor and detached from money.  As an Entrepreneur-at-heart, I had to question why a Spiritual person must live in poverty to feel peaceful.  What if I love both?  Is there a balance?

Since one of my biggest joys in my life is being able to write large donation checks to support various charitable organizations, I wondered the validity of having to live in poverty while being Spiritual.

As I live a Spiritualist lifestyle, I realized one thing: Money is not everything, just like Spirituality isn’t everything.  But both can supercharge a lifestyle, if used for good.  Money is just a form of energy.  It’s a manifestation of how we feel on the inside.  When I feel good, my life is naturally full of wealth and abundance in every area.

When there’s money in my possession, there is so much more I could do for society!  But I do not need it to start doing good.  I can start helping today.  When I’m feeling zen is also when I can do quite a bit for others.  But I don’t need to start feeling compassionate to offer compassion.  Being rich is not a bad thing unless we make it to be.  Money doesn’t take away from our core values.  It doesn’t change who we are but it will magnify who we already are.

The biggest Gift I received from my Soul Discovery Journey is that I now understand the power of living in the space of Infinite Possibilities.  My Journey back to my Earthly life taught me how I can create harmony between my business savvy and my Intuitive healing nature.   I don’t have to choose between Spirituality and money.  I can have both.

No doubt if you are here, you’re already a giving person.  Money can provide the opportunity for an abundant effortless lifestyle so you have the Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want.  The new found Freedom can inspire you to continue your Light work in peace, love and harmony.  Start embracing wealth.  Start living abundantly!  Namaste.

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Jennifer Cloake- Founder of Center of Oneness
Jennifer Cloake is the creator of the ManifestOnDemand ™ and UniversalCashFLOW ™ programs.  An Online Marketing Strategist, Spiritual Healer and Manfestation Expert, she’s well known for combining high vibration Spiritual Wisdom with business savvy solutions. Her humor and quick get-to-the-point approach have helped many with their business and personal Transformation. To connect with Jennifer, visit

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