Changing Behavior- How to stop what’s not working and choose differently…

One of the hardest things to do is changing our behavior when things aren’t working out for us.  We get tired of the same old patterns, whether it’s a dysfunctional relationship or constantly running out of money.  While knowing deeply things aren’t working out, we feel like there’s no way out.  We point to the other person (or situation) to seek fault when we have full control is what we are willing and not willing to accept in our own Life. Changing behavior is easy to say but hard to do sometimes, isn’t it? Well, there’s one thing we often skip  in our “transformational” process before we can choose differently.  Bob is right on the money with this comedy skit…

As I watch this comedy skit with Bob Newhart, part of me was laughing super hard.  The other part of me felt it was striking too close to home.  Over the years, I’ve grown used to the constant changes in life, business and my Spiritual journey.  I have solid evidence that change is good.  However, my husband just recently started his Awakening process.  and he’s really having a hard time embracing he has the power to design his destiny and change his reality, instantly!  For an engineer, he needs proof before he’s willing to proceed in choosing differently.  As much as I want to be supportive, knowing full well the initial Awakening process can be daunting, there are many moments where I want to tell my dear husband to “Stop it!  Just Stop it!” as Bob Newhart did with his patient.

First, let me assure you hesitation is normal.  Our own pimple always feels bigger than it really is.  Our problem always seems harder than it appears.  It’s easy to tell someone to choose differently but it seems impossible when you’re going through it yourself.   It’s okay.  You are no different than the rest of us.  We are humans.  It is natural for us to second guess ourselves, creating internal confusion.  It’s our human way of holding on what’s not working for us.  After all, it is safe.  It is what we know.  Changes invites in the unknown factor.  It can feel scary.

The reality is that the old patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving us today once protected us.  There’s no right or wrong.  We must honor that they served us well when we needed them.  At the same time, we must embrace the fact it’s time to retire these behaviors if they do not fit into our new paradigm as we Awaken to Infinite Possibilities.

When I see myself getting wrapped into the loop of resistance, I do tell myself to “Stop it!  Just stop it!”   It works.  Sometimes I have to shock my system a bit before I can take a deep breath and choose differently.  Once I’ve calmed down, I’d proceed with setting new Intentions asking the Universe to show me the way.  Trying to protect the old is the same as resisting the new abundance coming to ya!

It’s never about changing the behavior that matters.  What matters is your willingness to retire what’s not working for you and embrace new opportunities.  This willingness will take you to new dimensions, shift your energy instantly.  Guaranteed!  It will open up to a world of abundance, peace and love.  Choose differently today!  If you notice yourself stuck in the loop of “what if’s”, imagine Bob Newhart telling you to “Stop it! Just Stop it!”  because there’s a whole new life waiting for you to enjoy.  Remember, what’s happening now isn’t working for you anyway.  Try something new.  If that doesn’t work, you can always choose to change it back.

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Jennifer Cloake- Founder of Center of Oneness
Jennifer Cloake is the creator of the ManifestOnDemand ™ and UniversalCashFLOW ™ programs. An Online Marketing Strategist, Spiritual Healer and Manfestation Expert, she’s well known for combining high vibration Spiritual Wisdom with business savvy solutions. Her humor and quick get-to-the-point approach have helped many with their business and personal Transformation. To connect with Jennifer, visit

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