The Mysterious Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz, center of oneness, awakeningSmoky quartz is one popular crystal with many people . I love this beautiful , mysterious stone , it  is one of the most grounding stones available. It helps one deal with stress in daily life by neutralizing the energy and balancing the Yin and Yang energy movement in the body . It will center your energy to stay grounded .
It brings healing by removing the pain from the body.  You can do that by placing the stone on the area that you feel pain and just relax your body and let the stone do its magic .
Its also believed that Smoky quartz is a great stone  to help with depression , stressful situations , obsession, fears.
When using the stone for healing ,  you always place the point away from the body ( pointing out ) if you removing energy from the body ….and pointing to the body if you are energizing the body .
It is believed that this stone will help you connect better telepathically to the  world around you and to the universe and it will help you have vivid dreams by placing the stone under your pillow at night .
Smoky Quartz comes in many forms, Sphere , Egg shape , Cluster , Polished  Point , Pyramids , different Jewelry , Tumbled stones, and my favorite the Smoky Quartz Generator , which is used a lot in Feng Shui to ground the space.
Next time you are shopping for stones take a look at the Smoky Quartz , hold it in your hand and experience its magic ~
Happy experiencing ~
love & light

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