Frankincense ~

Center of Oneness, awaken, transform, manifest

This Sacred plant is another favorite for meditation time. It’s been used for over 5000 years to help with awakening our mind’s eye and to connect us with the spirit  in a very gentle way. It has been known to help with releasing all that is holding us back (our fears, our egos) and by releasing what is no longer needed. In this way we are able to connect with our higher self and find our truth on this earth. Frankincense helps open your third eye, crown chakra, heart chakra and your communication center the throat chakra. It will help you stay focused during your mediation and go deeper as you release tension in your body and the calming effect on the mind will help during  meditation. You can use one or two drops on your third eye to help you during the meditation or simply burn the incense during your meditation. It has a sweet and warm aroma.
Frankincense was also found in many tombs in Egypt as it was used during ancient ceremonies. It is in a resin form and it comes from the Boswellia tree. Generally, the Frankincense resin is extracted in Oman and its used as incense , oil , or in perfumes. It was given to High Priest as an expensive gift in ancient times . Remember Frankincense is what the three wise men brought to Jesus in Bethlehem.
The aroma of  Frankincense is unforgettable .
Happy experimenting ~
Love & Light ~
Afsi Mostajab

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