Moonstone Healing Power at Center of OnenessMoonstone ~
This beautiful Stone will bring you luck , its a great stone to hold when you are meditating as it will enhance intuition, taking you deep into self for answers. Perfect stone for woman to help assist them with inner growth and attracting love . Its known to also bring balance to the physical body and help promote a restful sleep .
Healers use this stone to connect to pineal gland by stimulating it and it helps one to understand their own truth and bring good emotions to surface .  Moonstone is known to bring protection to the person when traveling .
You can find Moonstone in many forms , Tumbled stones, Egg, Obelisk , Sphere, Massage Wand, Jewelry , Pyramid , Beads , and it comes in different colors such as Milky White , Silver Blue to different warm tones . Its the stone connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra ( our gate way to the universe ) and brings in the energies of Love,Luck, Power, and Healing ~
Moonstone is know to help clear negativity and clear all chakras, If you are a Gemini this is must have stone for you.
Enjoy connecting to this truly beautiful stone ~
love & light ~
Afsi Mostajab

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