Rosemary Magic

Afsi Mostajab with energy healing rosemary magicAnother favorite of mine is Rosemary. I love Rosemary not only for it culinary use in the kitchen but also for all the benefits it brings into our lives. Rosemary is truly a must have in one’s home . For my healing work , I use it to remove Negative energy from the space, you can burn it and use it as a smudge just like you would use sage or you can mix it with sage. It also comes in Essential Oil form .

Rosemary is known to remove Negative energy from your environment, and protect from psychic attacks and burning it in the home removes all the negative and evil spirit. Its one herb that is also used by priests in religious ceremonies in different cultures around the world .
This powerful herbs is also know to help you remember things, Very helpful during meditation. It can be used as an incense for meditation.
Rosemary is a great plant to have in the garden , easy access to one powerful herb and a highly aromatic one and its named after Virgin Mary , ” Rose of Mary “.
I also love smelling this herb if I have a headache, it helps relieve the pain for me in a natural way.
Get to know this healing herb ~
Love & Light ~

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