Archangel Michael

Beloved Archangel Michael is one you can call upon when you need help with your daily life. When I do a Healing session, I call on this angel for protection and grounding . When you call on Archangel Michael , you will feel very peaceful and calm as if you know every thing will be okay, you may feel that there is such a strong force around you that it makes you feel grounded and at peace .

Archangel Michael Center Of Oneness AwakeningSome see the color of bluish purple flashes of light around them, the movement of energy that brings peace and some intense heat. Some have notice that when they call upon angels, they find feathers on the ground in the following days. How ever your experience may be with angels, there is one thing that is very common and that is the peace one feels when connecting to these powerful forces available to all of us.

Michael’s name means “who is like God” and is mentioned in many religions and honored as the Protector and defender of light and the one that can bring in Healing , Protection and removing your fears and give you the courage you need to work things out for yourself and your path.

Give yourself the gift of connecting to this powerful angel and try for yourself how you can shift the energies around you.

Love & Light ~

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