Compassionate Quan Yin assists in Energy Healing

kuan yin energy healing with Afsi MostajabIn healing work we connect to many teachers, spirit guides, and feel their energy. One that shows up when the person needs the most compassion and love for self is beloved Quan Yin (or Kuan Yin, Kwan Yin, Guan Yin), the bodhisattva of Mercy from the East.

This gentle and compassionate goddess , teaches us to be kind and gentle, to let go of things we can not control in life and be free.

Quan Yin, is an Ascended Master (meaning she walked this earth and experienced how it felt to be a human). Her name means ” Observing the sounds of the World “.  She is loved around the world and called upon when one is in need of compassion.

Quan Yin is known by many names, In Korean ” Gwan-eum “, In Japanese ” Kannon or Kanzeon “, in China ” Gwun Yam or Gun Yam “, how ever you pronounce it, one thing is very clear and that is her amazing healing energy, love and compassion.

When Im doing healing work, and Quan Yin appears, I can feel the loving compassionate energy she brings with her, the beautiful soft pink glow around her and her gentle moves that brings so much healing to the person. Most of the time, the person on the table also has a very strong connection to Quan Yin.

Connect to this beautiful compassionate energy of Love, Light and Mercy.

Love & Light ~

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