The Power of Malachite

Healing Power of Malachite ~

I love the healing energy of Malachite. This deep green with lighter stripe pattern, and bull’s eye formation brings in healing and release. It helps with transformation when you need to go deep.
It is said that Malachite, brings out both negative and positive to the surface. That is not a bad thing, as it makes you come to the understanding of what needs to change and be release. It is a deep clearing and cleansing of emotions and feelings that we did not know its there.

center of oneness malachite heart chakraMalachite is used to help one with meditation and opening of the heart chakra, its often used on the third eye to help with opening of the third eye. I use Malachite in the house near computers & T.V. to absorb the electrical pollution crated with all the electrical items in the house.

Make sure you ONLY USE POLISHED MALACHITE, as you do not want to touch the powder that is created by the unpolished Malachite; it’s toxic. And make sure you clean and clear your malachite, as it absorbs all the negative energy and its important to clear it as much as you can. Bring the energy of this beautiful stone to your life and feel the healing it can offer. For me, just looking at this beautiful, rich green color stone brings me peace and healing . Give it a try ~

Love & Light ~


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