Bringing peace into your life

Every day we encounter situations that can make things not so smooth and easy to deal with. It helps to know how to release and let go of what no longer serves our highest. Five easy tips on inviting peace into your life:

Center Of Oneness, Monk, Peace, Love, Afsi MostajabBREATH your problems away. Take time to breath in deep and let go. It’s helpful to set a number and just focus on that. lets say do 70 breaths …deep breaths. Just pay attention to your breath and give your mind a break from over thinking.

STRETCH and move around. Stretch your body while you are listening to peaceful music.

WRITE down your feelings. It’s always helpful to express your emotions on paper. There is something about seeing the words on paper that is very healing to some people.

CONNECT with someone that you know always brings you peace; a good friend, teacher, mom or dad, family members. There are so many good people in this world and many are willing to share their love and light with others.

NATURE is our healer. Take a walk by the beach or in the park. Walk and release what no longer is needed. always so peaceful to connect to nature, just by sitting under a tree and breathing and being.

Happy exploring ~

Love & Light ~


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