Black Tourmaline


I was guided to use Black Tourmaline this year in my healing practice and I love it. Black tourmaline is full of  beautiful grounding energy and it feels nice to hold it in your hand.


Black Tourmaline is used to remove negative energy from your body and your environment. It is believed that this magical stone can help you remove past life experiences from your body’s cell memory. Use this powerful stone to remove unwanted habits, such as smoking, anxiety, emotional eating, depression and so on. IF you no longer want to be connected to a particular negative emotion, use Black Tourmaline to help you in this process.

This powerful stone is helpful when you feel things get out of control, use it to bring balance to the right and left side of your brain, to help you remove the negative thought pattern and bring in the positive way of looking at things. It helps clear things in your life. Its is also a LUCKY stone to have with you.

You can wear Black Tourmaline Jewelry, or just keep the stone in your pocket or place them around your house. It is said that keeping a piece of black stone under your pillow helps you have a peaceful sleep.

Black stone comes in many forms such as pyramid, sphere, rough or polished small or large pieces, wand, and in many forms of jewelry.

Look into this beautiful stone and try it for yourself and see how it helps you with your healing process.

Enjoy connecting to Black Tourmaline ~
Love & Light

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