Connection with the Universal Energy- Once again!

Afsi asked me tonight “Why haven’t you been sharing your thoughts lately on the site?”. My easy brush- off answer was “Got busy with our business.” My second excuse was “I’m having a hard time traveling in and out of this 3rd Dimensional world.” The Truth is that I’ve been neglecting what’s important- the grounding force in my life– my connection to Mother Earth, my connection with the Universal energy that has brought me so much joy, and my connection with you all. I simply had a moment (a year long moment- but who’s counting) of clouded judgement that 3rd Dimensional tasks are more important than my heart, body and soul.

Pushing off Spiritual commitment seems to be so easy when there’s a long to-do list each day! I have, after all, been communicating with the Universe every day in my own way- lighting a candle, saying a prayer. But I’ve forgotten I signed up to be here serving the World in this lifetime through information sharing and communications.

I have to be honest and say that I have been feeling very unsettled lately. There is this nagging uneasy and unfulfilled feeling running through me. I thought I was just stressed out. I thought I was just fully back living in the 3rd Dimensional life. However, Afsi’s question reminded me that we feel this way when we are not walking our Path. As I write this blog post sharing my experiences, the uneasy feeling is lifting right out of me. A sense of freedom washes over me. I feel calm, happy and psychic again.

I rely on good friends like Afsi to remind me what’s important in life. Not a growing business. Not a staff I need to worry about. All that will sort itself out when I’m grounded, as the leader of our company. I am the force of this organization. and I choose to trust that I’m backed by Infinity. All great things will follow when I’m in a good place. Therefore, I’m back on my Path after taking the scenic route. It was beautiful but nothing beats Freedom and Joy!

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