You are Whole

YOU are Whole .  Its important for us to remember that we are complete.  FEEL that within you with every fiber of your being. On my daily observation of SELF, I realized that by understanding self , we peel off these layers and the key is to let them go when we understand our truth.  At that time we need to be gentle and kind to self and understand what happened was a lesson , good or bad it is that , A LESSON for us to experience. When you allow self to go through a raw experience , no matter how  painful it maybe , you grow and peel the emotions and frustrations and conditioning that took a life time to build around your SELF .
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Remember this , YOU ARE WHOLE .  We come to this “earth walk” with the whole package complete.   We just have to take our gentle time with opening it and understanding every magic that it holds for us.  How many times have we experienced reading or hearing a word or a comment that goes right to our heart and it shifts our vibration to a higher understanding?  This happens due to the inner knowing of the truth, “our truth “.   I feel that sometimes thinking too much about our purpose , takes us far away from it . LET IT GO.  Trust that YOU are on the right path, if something comes your way , accept it and understand that its there to remind you of who you really are, the way you see it, is the way you are , who you are.
On this earth walk , we have ALL that we need to complete it , searching for something OUTSIDE  that already exist INSIDE us like a beautiful bright light will makes us walk in the dark our whole life.
Take your hand, put it on your heart , FEEL the reason you are here , I promise you the more you connect to SELF , the happier you will become . Follow your own heart ~
Happy Connecting ~
Love & Light ~ afsi

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