Accepting Ourselves

Accepting Ourselves is not easy.  The media is full of stories lately on Bruce Jenner’s transition in becoming a woman.  I say, Bruce IS a woman.  He’s only making changes to his outer appearance to match who she has always been.  She’s had her actor’s outfit on for 65 years now.  It’s time for her to unload that heavy costume so everyone can see the real beauty.  What an incredible act to demonstrate Self Acceptance and Love.

Bruce Jenner Jennifer Cloake Awakening Center Of OnenessAs I watch her interview with Diane Sawyer, I was reminded that living an Authentic life is what Awakening is all about.   Many people are objecting to her changes.  I personally feel everyone has the right to be True to who they are, inside and out.  We face the same societal judgement everyday without realizing it.  We mentally scratch our heads when we see people who dress differently than ourselves.  We judge those from various cultures.  What if we take a moment and truly Accept everything for what it is?  What if we own up to the fact that we do judge and it’s human nature to judge?   Admitting it can be freeing and authentic within itself.

I’m not suggesting you convert your beliefs.  I’m not suggesting you force yourself to like what’s unpleasant to you.  I’m suggesting we Accept.  All is good.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  We have the Freedom to not do the things we do not like, just as others have the Freedom to do the things they find enjoyable.  It’s when we try to force our opinions onto others that gets us into the state of suffering.

Bruce Jenner is shaking up the world in such a profound way.  It’s more than giving the transgender community a voice. It’s about Accepting Ourselves.  It’s about Love.  It’s about living our Truths, whatever that may be.

She said something I will never forget.  Bruce expressed that she’s 65 years old.  She would not be happy leaving this world without experiencing Life in her True form.  How exciting!  Awakening is more than increasing psychic power and playing the singing bowl.  It’s about the Journey of becoming Aware of the beauty within ourselves, around us and beyond what we can physically sense and touch.

Live the Life you’ve always wanted to live!  Starting this very Moment…

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