Manifest On Demand Affirmation: Wealthy Me

Affirmation: Wealthy Me

Manifest On Demand Affirmation: Wealthy Me

Manifesting requires not only thoughts, but feelings. Thoughts are seeds of desires or non-desires. Human feelings are what fuels our manifestation on Earth. Low vibrational feelings such as anger and sadness will yield low vibrational results. High vibrational feelings of happiness and excitement attract positive outcomes. Effortless Manifestation comes when our core vibration is in a constant state of Peace and Love.

Money is not the only form of Wealth here on Earth. However it’s the easiest to understand.

Money is the material outcome and representation of our energetic vibration. To be wealthy in our physical form, we must first feel wealthy within. The state of wanting more wealth such as money, keeps us in the lower frequencies of not feeling we have enough. However, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to feel wealthy, know we deserve our birth right to have supportive relationships, a healthy physical body and all we need in material goods to live a fun loving life on Earth.

Wealthy Me Affirmation:
I know money is the manifestation of my energy.
If I wish to be wealthy, I must feel wealthy.

Money and positive energy flow in…
Effortlessly and abundantly for my highest and best good.
I now detach from the outcome knowing all is well…
and everything will happen at exactly the right moment.

I deserve to receive…
All I desire in this lifetime and beyond.
I’m grateful to be experiencing the beauty of Life.
I’m grateful for all I have.
I’m grateful for all I am.

Wealthy is all around me…
and wealthy is within me.

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