Chakra Balance

During your Transformation, it is essential to learn and understand your body’s needs. This includes the physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies. This short Chakra Activation video assists in harmonizing all bodies during your Transformation and Evolution.

Someone asked me the other day about Chakra work.  I thought I’d share a simple quick chakra balancing technique I do when I feel a little off.

Find a quiet place where you can lay flat comfortable for about 20 minutes.  Breath in and out several times. Continue to do so through out this self healing session.  Set the Intention you are here to harmonize your body for your highest and best good.  You are spending time loving and honoring your physical vessel on Earth.

I visualize a beam of white light shining down through my crown chakra.  This beam of light goes through my body all the way down into the core of Mother Earth.  This Light anchors me to Mother Earth with loving and supportive energy.  Mother Earth also sends up protective energy through this channel of light.

Next, I place both of my hands on each chakra starting from the base chakra.  In most training, they teach you to works on the the invisible layers of your body about 2-3 inches above your physical body.  I personally like to relax my hands on my body and allow the Divine energy to assist me in harmonize my chakras.  All your Guides to share with you how long you should stay on that particular chakra.  There’s no right or wrong.  Listen carefully.  It’s always different from day to day of what you need.

While your hands are positioned on a particular chakra, visualize a spinning light ball in the coordinating color.  For example, if I’m working on the base chakra, I can image a red light ball spinning.  I find that the size of a large orange or a small grapefruit in proportion to your body is about the right balance.  If this light energy ball is small or dim, I may need to restore its energy.  If it’s overly open or larger, I may have to close it down a bit.  Again, I don’t worry about that.  If I’m judging whether it’s too big or small, I’m not relaxing.  I have one thing to do and that is to Allow the Guides to to their thing in helping me harmonize my body.


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