TARA Wisdom™ Universal Messages- December 28 2020 through January 04 2021

This week’s TARA Wisdom™ Theme

This week is a big week to liberate ourselves.  It is all about learning we have the power to choose Inner Peace.

–  Choose to be the Light instead of relying on other’s for their Light.
– Fear may kick up but TRUST you are in control.
– Freedom comes with Light.

TARA Wisdom™ Day by Day

Monday (December 28, 2020)- Remember to remain calm. It promotes higher frequencies.
Tuesday (December 29, 2020)- Time to Choose Light; trust Source.
Wednesday (December 30, 2020)- Focus on letting go of habits that have been dimming your Inner Light.
Thursday (December 31, 2020)- Instead of asking your Spiritual team for guidance, make friends with them. Hang out with them today as your Partner.
Friday (January 01, 2021)- Earthly relationships may need a timeout. This can be romantically, family, or friends. Reunion may come when both parties choose to evolve.
Saturday (January 02, 2021)- Decide to step outside of comfort zone and connect with other Light BEings like yourself.
Sunday (January 03, 2021)- Spiritual ascension with like-minds and like-hearts. Trust 100% you are not alone.
Monday (January 04, 2021)- Get used to your new Spiritual reality.

Career/ Business:  If you don’t feel fulfilled, it’s a good time to start a side business or hobby to share your creative side.

Finances:  This week is a good time declare to have your bank account reflect the abundance of Infinite Light. Know you are worthy to live a happy life here on Earth.

Health: You may feel a slight bit discomfort adjusting to added Source Light in your physical body. Symptoms may be similar to the flu or cold. Stay hydrated and focus on self care.

Love/ Relationship:  Those in alignment will feel their love multiplying. When arguments occur, go within. It’s time to release triggers before heading into 2021.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Energy Shifters

Supporting chakra(s):  Crown. Heart. Sacral.

Supporting color(s): Purple. Dark Blue. Pink. Yellow.

Supporting stone(s): Citrine. Amethyst. Red Agate.

Supporting number(s): 3. 8. 9.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Affirmation

My life is full of happiness, joy, and opportunities.  As I move forward on my Journey on Earth, I know and trust deeply I carry Source Energy within me.  So it is.


Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

Jennifer Cloake has been an Intuitive all her life but did not truly recognize her gifts until she had a sudden Spiritual Awakening in her late 30’s.  With her strong business and coaching background, she’s a Master at helping people navigate through life obstacles.  Besides mentoring Starseeds and StarLightworkers™, her mission at CenterOfOneness.org is to empower Light BEings through Practical Spirituality, creating Effortless Living!

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