TARA Wisdom™ Universal Messages- Tuesday, December 22, 2020

This week’s TARA Wisdom™ Theme

New Beginnings in ALL of our bodies (Soul, Spiritual, and Physical).

–  ‘We are One’ not only applies to the outer world, it applies to our Inner world.
–  Everything we’ve experienced in 2020 is about creating the Collective Consciousness within.
–  Your outer world does not have to affect your Inner world.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Messages

Today, we partner with ourselves; ALL of ourselves. Your heart is the gateway to the subconscious, the divinity.

You may experience conflicting energies today within yourself or in a relationship. Your heart tells you one thing but your mind tells you another.  Since this week’s energy theme is about connecting with the Collective Consciousness within, we must recognize that the outer world is the manifestation of our Inner world.

Since our heart holds our deepest and most honest desires while our minds often hold frequencies of fear, doubt and false sense of security.  Instead of forcing yourself to choose between what your heart desires and what makes logical sense in your mind, seek a 3rd solution that will satisfy all parts of your BEing.  It’s time to embrace Effortless living.

Career/ Business:  There may be minor conflicts.  Stay neutral in your Spiritual body.  Recognize that you do not need to engage with someone else’s triggers.

Finances:  Stable; very little ups or downs.  However, today is a good day to connect with your money blueprint.  Release what hasn’t been working for you so you can make room for abundance.

Health: If you are experiencing anxiety, notice how your physical body responds when there’s an internal conflict.

Love/ Relationship:  Love is in the air.  It’s a great time to set Intention to attract a loving relationship.  It’s also a wonderful time for self care.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Energy Shifters

Supporting chakra(s):  Heart. Sacral.

Supporting color(s): Pink. White. Purple.

Supporting stone(s): Rose Quartz. Aventurine. Amethyst.

Supporting number(s): 2. 3. 5.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Affirmation

I’m in partnership with the Universe. I’m in partnership with myself. I thrive in every aspect of life while living this physical reality. So it is.


Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

Jennifer Cloake has been an Intuitive all her life but did not truly recognize her gifts until she had a sudden Spiritual Awakening in her late 30’s.  With her strong business and coaching background, she’s a Master at helping people navigate through life obstacles.  Besides mentoring Starseeds and StarLightworkers™, her mission at CenterOfOneness.org is to empower Light BEings through Practical Spirituality, creating Effortless Living!

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