TARA Wisdom™ Universal Messages- Wednesday, December 23, 2020

This week’s TARA Wisdom™ Theme

New Beginnings in ALL of our bodies (Soul, Spiritual, and Physical).

–  ‘We are One’ not only applies to the outer world, it applies to our Inner world.
–  Everything we’ve experienced in 2020 is about creating the Collective Consciousness within.
–  Your outer world does not have to affect your Inner world.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Message

Today, we focus on having a happy heart!

If you’ve been experiencing anxiety or depression, today is the day you can decide that your Light is way bigger than the anxiety you’ve been living with.  Speak to it out loud.  Tell your anxiety “You have no control over me.  You have no power over me!”

Today, sit back and relax.  Trust 100% you are a Light BEing.  Allow that Light within you to connect with Source energies.  When you are recharged, not only will your Light shine brighter.  You will light up the path for others without feeling taxed.

Career/ Business:  Take a note of time wasting tasks.  They are no longer vibing with you as you ascend.  Eliminate or delegate.

Finances: Do not stress over small things.  Believe you deserve all things positive and that includes an abundantly comfortable lifestyle.

Health: Pay attention today!  Observe how stressors can cause physical issues such as rash or exhaustion.

Love/ Relationship:  If you are single at the moment, today is a great day to declare to the Universe you are ready for a loving relationship.  If you have a partner, it’s blessed day to connect with your partner on a Soul level.  Sit and hold hands.  No words need to be exchanged.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Energy Shifters

Supporting chakra(s):  Crown.  Throat.  Heart.

Supporting color(s): Light Green.  Pink.  Gold.

Supporting stone(s): Lava Stones.  Black Agate.  Clear Quartz.

Supporting number(s): 5.  6.  7.

Today’s TARA Wisdom™ Affirmation

My Soul, Spirit, and Physical bodies are aligned with Source energies.   I thank the Universe for the Infinite Light around within me, supporting my highest and best good on Earth. So it is.


Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

Jennifer Cloake has been an Intuitive all her life but did not truly recognize her gifts until she had a sudden Spiritual Awakening in her late 30’s.  With her strong business and coaching background, she’s a Master at helping people navigate through life obstacles.  Besides mentoring Starseeds and StarLightworkers™, her mission at CenterOfOneness.org is to empower Light BEings through Practical Spirituality, creating Effortless Living!

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