5 Things you should always have on hand


Is the world going to be chaotic?  What should I do to prep for the chaos?


Light has won the Spiritual battle in the final quarter of 2020.  But the Cabal energy runs deep on Earth.  It has taken over our food supplies, medical and educational sectors, and various government agencies around the world.  Even those who swore to protect were blackmailed or fell into the temptations of the Cabal.  What we are witnessing right now is the destruction of criminal enterprises.  Next will be the clean-up stage.  There’s a strong possibility there will be a power or internet outage in the near future.  These criminals will fighting dirty and hard to save their own bacon.  If you aren’t ready yet, please have these items on hand:

  1.  Food and Water for at least 5 days.  2 weeks would be wonderful.  Our world is run by computers and the internet.  If the power goes out, cash registers will not work to process your purchases.   Do the best you can.  Having a little bit of food is better than none.  Water is more important than food.  Follow the 3 x 3 x 3 rule.  A person can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water, and  3 weeks without food.  If you live where it snows, remember you can melt clean snow or ice for water.
  2.  Medicine.  Try to obtain a 30 day supply of your must-have medicine.  Secondarily, have cold/ flu medicine and an emergency kit handy.  Babies and children are more vulnerable.  Make sure you have what you need so you don’t have to run out to a doctor.  They may not be available.
  3.  Cash.  The fact is ATM will be down if there is a power outage.  A couple of hundred would be wonderful.  Small bills; 20’s, 10’s, 5’s, and 1’s.  Gas stations and grocery markets will not be able to accept your credit cards.  Small bills also allow you the luxury of not requiring change from vendors.
  4.  Gasoline.  A full tank of gasoline in your car in case you need to go to places.  Remember,  there may be gas available but will the stations be operational without power?  If you have a household generator, make sure you fill up your gasoline can as well.
  5.  Household Essentials.  Batteries, flashlights, and Candles just to name a few.

1.  Download files you want to work on from cloud data storage Drives such as Google Drive.
2.  Download entertainment from Hulu and Netflix
3.  Plan off-line activities such as knitting, reading, or workshop projects

While this is happening, please:
1.  Meditate for Worldwide Oneness and Unity.
2.  Do not panic. Trust you are well protected as a Light BEing.
3.  Be prepared to stay out of busy areas like we’ve been advising.

Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

As a Practical Spiritualist, Jennifer Cloake has a deep passion for Empowerment.  With a strong coaching background, she has the Gift of helping Starseeds identify their Purpose while helping Light Seekers heal their past.  Jennifer specializes in anxiety and faith crisis utilizing inner child and past life methods.  Book a Session

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