Preview of 5D Consciousness- Quantum Medicine, New Energies and More

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5D Consciousness is here.

5th Dimensional energies been solidified here on Earth since early December 2020.  We are to start living as Spiritual BEings with human experiences instead of being Humans having Spiritual experiences.

For Spiritualists, it’s been a welcoming transition. We’ve been waiting for this day for awhile. We are actually more comfortable living in this frequency than when we were in 3D Consciousness. But what if you are new to Spiritual Awakening? What if those around you aren’t ready to adopt this new energy? Allow me to share with you what I saw in my meditation. Consider this a preview of 5D Consciousness. It’s pretty cool.

Quick notes about the video:

1. We are seeing some chaos and drama in the world for two reasons. One is that the old structure that’s ego based need to come down before a new structure can be build. Two, our society hasn’t caught up yet. This new energy can be shocking to our bodies. If a personal is not aware of what’s going on, the person may want to instinctually reject it.

2. The length of this transition can be 5, 10, or even 20 years depending on how much mankind resists, as a collective.

3. Family dynamic will be shifting. Financial pressures will be eased up. Children will be playing like the old days. Families are able to sustain themselves with just one income again. This time, however, couples will be choosing who goes to work depending on how much they love to work and what makes the most sense from a financial perspective.

4. Children will be learning using intuitive methods; capabilities they came with when they were born.

5. Quantum medicine will be the norm with real science information disclosed to the public, not Matrix-based science. Doctors will be more focused on highest and best for the patient instead of focusing on how much they can accomplish in a day.

6. We will not be electing politicians to make decisions on our behalf. We will be more involved in our community on a local level. Community spokespeople will speak at townhall meetings for efficiency purposes.

I’m excited about the future. Let’s focus on manifesting this beautiful vision instead of allowing ourselves be distracted by current events.

Jennifer Cloake Lightworker Healer Reader Starseed Mentor

As a Practical Spiritualist, Jennifer Cloake has a deep passion for Empowerment.  With a strong coaching background, she has the Gift of helping Starseeds identify their Purpose while helping Light Seekers heal their past.  Jennifer specializes in dissolving Manifestation blocks utilizing inner child and past life methods.  Feel free to ask questions in our online forum.   Join Our CommUNITY

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