TARA Wisdom™

There’s an invisible grounding force at the Center of Oneness.  That is the TARA Council. TARA is gentle and loving.  Their teachings in Self Awareness, Realization and Actualization are often shared with practical perspectives.

Who is TARA?

TARA stands for Team Awareness Realization Actualization.

TARA is our Infinity Council at the Center Of Oneness. This team is comprised of thousands of Light Carriers from this Dimension and beyond.  The size of the TARA council continues to grow as we shift with the New Consciousness.

Since there’s no separation in time and space, TARA carries information offered by human intelligence as well as Extra-Terrestrial Beings, Spirit Guides and Angels from the now, past and future.  It also carries the Infinite Wisdom of many Souls throughout the ages and the high frequencies of the Universal Source.

We, at the Center Of Oneness consult with TARA on a regular basis.  The TARA energy is reflected in every aspect of this organization including our Workshops, eMaterials, and operational practices.

How TARA was discovered:

TARA was discovered in an Internal mastermind meeting.  We quickly realized that Center Of Oneness, as an organization, has called in its own Infinite Intelligence Team.

Initially, we called them “The Team”.  We knew it wasn’t one Soul we were communicating with, but many.  As we moved forward with the Transformation at the Center of Oneness, it became clear that The Team has ideas and teachings they wish to share with the World.  Us human Light Carriers are their conduits.

We wanted to honor this team by giving them a name.  During meditation, we Received the Message to add the initials together.  This is how the name TARA, Team- Awareness-  Realization-  Actualization, came about.

We felt inspired to explore deeper meanings of “Tara”  in regards to Spiritual Beliefs.   We quickly discovered that Tara appears as a female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism.  She’s known as the “Mother of Liberation” and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.

No accident that  Ultimate Freedom starts with The Journey of Self Awareness, Realization and Actualization . Self Liberation is the secret to manifesting all you want in life!

The Practical Teachings of TARA™:

The TARA Council offers teaching based on one simple yet profound philosophy: Honoring our Divine Essence within.  When we feel aligned, our energetic frequencies increase.  When we raise our vibration, we not only manifest all we want in life and attracting all things positive, but we also increase the positive energy in the Universe.  Together, we are able to Create World Peace and Heaven on Earth, while living an Abundant Lifestyle in our Physical Existence.

It is human nature to abandon difficult tasks.  The Truth is we are meant to live peacefully and effortlessly on Earth.  The  TARA wisdom is taught with that in mind.  All techniques accompany practical skills we can incorporate into our Everyday Living.  We gently call their teachings Practical Spiritualism™.  The fact is, we do not need to spend time worshiping to manifest.  It’s more important we live our paths, authentically and effortlessly.

TARA on Self Awareness & Awakening

TARA on Self Realization & Transformation

TARA on Self Actualization & Manifestation

TARA on Universal Laws:

The TARA Council encourages the daily practice of Universal Laws.  The more we live these Laws in our physical lives, the more these incredible Vibrations are imprinted into our Mind, Body and Spirit creating Effortless Attraction to all things positive.

There are many Universal Laws that are constantly at work to support our well-being here on Earth.  The three major Laws we focus on at the Center of Oneness are:   Laws of Reflection, Abundance, and Vibration.  We believe this is the winning combination in creating Heaven on Earth.

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