About Center Of Oneness

Center of Oneness explained:

There’s a Center of Oneness in this Universe. There’s also a Center of Oneness residing in each of our Hearts. Where there’s Oneness and Unity, there’s Infinite Possibilities.  We call this Center of Oneness our Temple of Truth.

The Center of Oneness Online CommUnity is a global platform for all to gather for the common purpose of embracing our Infinite Power Within; creating Abundance in every area of our lives including personal economy, relationships and spiritual harmony.

When we individually Shine is when the World will Shine. ~ Walter Tipton


Center of Oneness Focus:

In one word, we are about Empowerment; knowing and embracing deeply that the answers are within. The answers lie in our own Universe of Truth- the space of Creation, the space of Destiny, the space of The Now. We are able to access not only Infinite Intelligence in our Internal Center of Oneness, but the Infinite Universal Wisdom of human intelligence and spirit guidance in multiple dimensions, from the present, past and future. There’s no separation.


Center of Oneness Mission:

It is our Mission to offer support, education and practical skills to enhance One’s Journey in Awakening, Transformation and Manifestation; bridging Self Awareness, Realization and Actualization on their Journey of Self Discovery.  In Discovery, there’s Mastery. In Mastery, there’s Infinity. In Infinity, there’s Creation and Manifestation of all thing positive.


Center of Oneness Spiritual Beliefs:

Center of Oneness is not affiliated with any particular religion or belief system. Whether you believe in God, the Universe, or your Higher Self, we are One. We support and honor all Creations, Souls and their Infinite Wisdom. Our organization is based on Love and Freedom for All. There’s no separation between, God, Universe, and All Physical and Spiritual Beings. We welcome Everyone from all backgrounds and walks of life. We thrive to provide a safe environment to share Spiritual Beliefs while open our Hearts to Others.


Center of Oneness Spiritual Practice:

We live by the Practical  Teachings of the TARA Council, where we incorporate high vibrational Wisdom in our Everyday Earth Living, truly creating Heaven on Earth.  We believe in Ultimate Freedom and Liberation through the Journey of Self Awareness, Realization and Actualization.  Awaken.  Transform.  Manifest.   

Center Of Oneness Team:

There is an invisible force at the Center of Oneness- TARA.  The TARA Council is gentle and loving.  Their teachings in Self Awareness, Realization and Actualization are often shared with practical perspectives.

There is also a visible force at the Center ofOneness- The Contributors.  We call ourselves the Human Implementation Team.  Our job is to carry out and implement TARA Teachings in various forms on Earth.  Under the guidance of The TARA Council and our own Transformational experiences, each of us develop unique techniques and skills.  Our focus is to share with those inspired to take their Journey of Transformation.  We individually convey Divine messages with various formats and styles.  We are the physical Channels of the TARA Wisdom.

With the Team in multiple Dimension, our common goal is to offer the Gift of Truth to those ready and willing to Receive.

We look forward to Exploring Higher Consciousness with you and your loved ones; right here, right now and beyond…

~ From All of us  on the COO Human Implementation Team and TARA