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Jennifer Cloake Psychic Intuitive Healer Manifestation

Creator of the Manifest On Demand™ and the 30-Second Energy Clearing™ Techniques, Jennifer Cloake is a Spiritual Advisor helping people move forward in life and business.

With 25+ years of experience building lucrative businesses, Jennifer has a unique style of helping Clients remove blocks while lovingly offer Spiritual guidance.  Jennifer is a firm believer that we have the power to create everything we want in the physical world.

To all Testimonial Contributors…

We are grateful that you are willing to share your personal experiences and thoughts!  Your words of empowerment add sparkles to our Journey of Lightwork.   Thank you for Shining your Light.

Testimonial for Jennifer Cloake- Stacey Owens- Center Of Oneness
Testimonial for Jennifer Cloake- Carol La Garde - Center Of Oneness

I got more then I thought I needed from our session. I’m still processing but things are more clear now. I feel so free. I look forward to the future. I cant thank you enough But THANK YOU! Love you Mrs Mama Jen.  ~ Judy O.

After each reading I can HONESTLY feel a release from certain anxieties and i feel more confident about my path and my life. I hope that you know that what you do is like saving lives in a way ( not to be to extreme) but honestly sometimes life gets chaotic and you never know where to go for help and guidance but with you it’s all so clear , precise , powerful, amazing so thank you a lot Jen. ~ Raphaelle St. Vil

This is the first intuitive reading I have ever had and I was surprisingly blown away by the accuracy of it. My whole life people have said that I was weird and different but no one has ever been able to explain why when I ask. Jennifer was able to read me in a way people in my everyday life haven’t before. I feel inspired and grateful I came across her TikToks and website.  ~ Whaia Caton

Thank you soooooooo much!!! I think you broke something loose because I feel so much better! Within two days I’ve gotten two really great new job opportunities to inquire upon and I got asked out by 3 different guys that are more like I would want to date. Lol I have no idea how you did it -but thank you so much for getting rid of that negativity. ~~~ Jessica Lewis

…Words can’t express how grateful I am. It all makes complete sense to me. For the first time, I understand myself…a light bulb went on and I totally get whats going on. It’s a great feeling knowing why people are drawn to me and how I can help them as well as my physical body. Most importantly, that I don’t have to feel bad for not doing it 24/7 even though my heart of hearts wants too. Thanks again for everything! You’re like an angel sent from above…You rock! ~~~ Karrie Ross

I really felt uplifted and you encouraged me just by telling me that there is a plan for my life and that I have not been forgotten so thank you a bunch for that. ~~~ Eipporah Stowe

Thank you for sending this one.  It is very appropriate for where I am right now…Your writing today really hit home; I have been looking for guidance and you helped a lot.  ~~~ Deborah Reynolds

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday.  I felt such a connection with you!  Maybe your classes will finally help me to be where I need to be, and who I really am.  It was such a joy to meet you! ~~~Judy Rosales

I just want to say thank u for ur encouraging and inspiring Monday messages! I look forward to hearing them each week and feel that they have been words that I need to hear during that particular time or even later on through the week I will reflect on them. You are so giving and caring toward others; and for that, I felt the need to share my appreciation for ur continuous consideration and loving thoughts. ~~~ Rachele Sloan

I slept very well and woke up wanting to exercise, had more energy…I do deeply know I don’t need anybody’s permission to read or write whatever I want to.  These men in my past lives no longer can trigger or stop me in this journey!…What an awesome meeting we had…Hugs and heartfelt thanks.  ~~~Patricia

I couldn’t believe it.  He actually gave me everything I wanted after fighting me all this time …  ~~~ Sarah A.

Thanks once again.  You and your ability of expression are the magical spark.  ALWAYS!!! ~~~ Blanca Vanburian

What an amazing week I’ve had. A lot of reflection and processing. Your interpretations and input about my dreams were very helpful. Over the years I have analyzed many dreams…You brought a rich perspective. Thank you again. ~~~ L. Lucienne

Believe it or not, I feel so much “Lighter” since our session.  I want to thank you so much. ~~~ Patricia Booth

I think this was incredible.  I’m a whole new person now and I feel it.  And I know it…Thank you.  And thank your Guides for all of this.  This was probably the most magical hour of my life. ~~ Andrea S.

Thank you sooooooooo much—my nausea went away this morning AND so did the pain down the left side of my back!!!  Yeah! You are awesome!…thank you again for your valuable time, energy  and positive affirmations!! See you soon…. ~~~ Kimberly McFadden

How refreshing!!! You are now teaching at the highest level! ~~~Charlie

Jennifer, you are so sweet!  You have no idea how much your words resonate with me.  It’s exactly what we all need to hear so we can be free and fly!  I love your emails, because I can print them out and use them help remind me that I am making a conscious choice in how I want to live my life! ~~~ Kelly Webster

…can’t wait for our next circle. The info that you channeled for me has been very very helpful too by the way and I’m so grateful to you for that. ~~~ L.B.

I want to thank you once again for the wonderful reading and all the input you shared with me!!!…You really helped me and I truly appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you in the future…People need to know more about you and how you help them… ~~~Evie M.

I felt a connection with Jennifer from the very first time I saw her…Every tuesday, I always look forward to her Spirit Connection Class. So much of what I believe in is because of her. I enjoy every minute I am with her. She’s smart, encouraging, understanding, funny, open, down to earth, inspiring and she just really cares. My healing with Jennifer was so enlightening. She made me feel safe and I was able to communicate to her during the healing, which I liked because she helped me understand what was going on. I felt more at peace and definitely a lot happier. My heart was smiling after the healing. My body was invigorated and I felt more sure of myself. I believed in my intuition and followed it more. Jennifer is a great healer; amongst her other talents. She is such a blessing… ~~~ Vanessa Herrera

Ooooh! Love what you said about Gigi! Fits her perfectly. Thank you for yesterday. It really clarified alot of stuff…thanks again and I’ll be in touch soon… ~~~Gina F. (Note: Gigi’s Gina’s Furry Friend. Arf! Arf!).

Hi Jennifer, I am so blessed by your weekly messages…Our session the other day really gave me clarity. Ever since the reading, I can definitely feel a shift in my energy level and those I come into contact with…I’m able to surrender and allow things to flow. My family has noticed a difference… ~~~ P.R.

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed both of your classes, you are such an amazing light worker, healer and teacher I ever met. I am so bless to find you. ~~~ R.W.

Thanks again for reading with me yesterday, it was a blessing! ~~~ Lois

Happy Monday. OMG Jen! I feel so great I still feel like i’m releasing so much…I don’t know how to thank you. You have helped me and my family alot and we are realy thankful for that…My son talked to me yesterday and said that he had lots of fun and he feel’s much better… ~~~ Betty Ayala

Oh, you are good, lol ;)… I am excited and nervous but I definitely want to move forward…I will work on some ideas I have in mind then show them to you to get your input. I’m actually anxious to get started and will get to work 😉 I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me. ~~~Maria Lerner

I’m glad I found our Spirit Circle, it’s what I’ve been needing for a long time. See you Tuesday… ~~~ Mary O.

I greatly appreciate the distance healing and felt it last night as I was with my family…~~~ Patricia

You were correct I went though a major shift but all I can feel now is love and light through all my cells. It’s so beautiful. 🙂 i am receiving messages and all sorts of openings to my new wonderful gifts. I am now in process of refining so that I may help others. 🙂 I do now understand that this means taking care of myself so that i have the full strength to help others…I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated for all that you do.~~~ Jessica Lewis

The penny experience was profound and has had an obvious impact that is bringing me to a new level. I have had some pretty awesome things manifesting over the past week or so. The vibrations that are surrounding have been in an extremely heightened state. Thank you for the response and guidance. After I wrote you last night I had another sleep vibration experience that followed with a vision to help me along my path. I’m happy that I have people who I can turn to who understand what it is that I’m going through. My heart chakra has opened to a new level… looking at the world today there was not a sense of this is me and that is you. The feelings of oneness are extreme…Again thank you for shining your light and being an amazing teacher. ~~~ Amanda Hill

Thank you for the mini reading last night.  I Love your energy and those in the room,  I look forward to attending your last few classes. (part 1 of 2, July 2012) ~~~ Maria Esquetini 

I know this will not be a shock for you, but we are in escrow and when it closes we can officially say, we sold our house…I currently have my intention out for our new house, I am confident we will find a house to start our new beginning soon. You are amazing…love the laws of reflection…seriously you are. (part 2 of 2, July 2012) ~~~ Maria Esquetini